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Kyo Hyuuga's character

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Kyo Hyuuga's character

Post by Kyo Hyuuga on Fri Jul 24, 2009 9:00 pm

Character Name: Kyo 'Roy' Hyuuga

Desired Bloodline: Hyuuga

Desired Starting Element:lightning

Desired Village: Leaf

Age: 15

Desired Rank: gennin

character appearence:avatar image (no gun of course)

character personality: Kyo is a kind ninja that always puts the people he care about first. Kyo is confident but not cocky. Even though he is not overconfident he is pretty competetive. he also would rather die than see one of his friends die (side: neutral)

character background:Kyo was born in the alleys of konoha.Since Kyo was poor he had to rely on stealth and skills for theives.He found out about his blood line when he was about 7 after that he trained and trained until he became a gennin shinobi now his goal is to be the best ninja that the world will ever know
Kyo Hyuuga
Kyo Hyuuga

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Age : 22
Village : Leaf
Bloodline/Clan : Hyuuga (hopefully)

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