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Oni - character registration

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Oni - character registration

Post by Oni on Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:32 pm

Character Name:Oni (then the name of te clan im in)

Desired Bloodline: dont know yet imight make one

Desired Starting Element:Lightning

Desired Village:Takigakure


Desired Rank: genin

Appearance: avatar

Character Personality: Hates every and would rather kill then anything else. He loves blood shed which is probably the only thing he does like. He can find love and has that ability but chooses not to. he is pure evil. he loves to burn people to cinders when hes finished someone of and loves the taste of flesh and blood.

Background Info: His mum and dad abandoned him at birth. They left him in the wild to fend for himself. He fended for himself for 7 years where he found the academy and became a genin shortly after at the age of 8 he became chuunin. after 3 more years he passed as a jounin and became anbu captain but disliked it because every one was so friendly and always spared lives.

After becoming anbu captain he killed every single anbu there was for his village. He ran away from his village at the age of 12 to continue whoning his primal abilities and instincts (lol). He killed many things in the wild and ate them. He built a house in a tree top of wood he had got from the trees he carved a bed with the wood to, his cover was a wolf hide because it was not to heavy and not to light it was just right to protect him.

after living in the forest for 4 years he had searched for his parents to kill them for what they did to him. He hated his parents guts because they left him to die out in the wild. Luckily for instinct he had strong chakra which kept him safe from all the predators trying to eat him.

at the age of 17 he had found his parents and brutally killed them. After he killed them he ate them and drank there blood. He enjoyed this very much and now just looks to kill the weak and faint hearted.

Rp sample:

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Re: Oni - character registration

Post by Seraph on Wed Jun 10, 2009 3:33 pm


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