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Ani's character

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Ani's character Empty Ani's character

Post by Ani on Sat Jun 13, 2009 12:01 pm

Character Name: Ani

Desired Bloodline:Uchiha yes even though i detest them lets give it a go

Desired Starting Element: wind

Desired Village: Mist has to be lol

Age: 18

Desired Rank: Gennin too lazy to do the sample

Appearance: allow me to do this later serve img thing isent working

Character Personality: She has always been a cold person usually never letting a person know who she truly is. She says alot of threats although most of them are empty unless you piss her off. She is quick to argue but tends to stay away from fights. She loves to play tricks on other people and aso to mess with their minds.

Background Info: She was born in the hidden mist village. Her parents were weaponsmiths and thought she should continue the family business. However she wanted to be a ninja and they reluclently agreed. She went off and spent the 4 years in ninja academy. She is now a gennin

Rp sample: If you are applying for a rank above genin rank


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Ani's character Empty Re: Ani's character

Post by Seraph on Sat Jun 13, 2009 2:15 pm

Up the info and personality for now denied

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