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Character Template

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Character Template

Post by Seraph on Fri Jan 30, 2009 9:34 pm

Character Name: Must be the one in your profile so choose wisely

Desired Bloodline: This one is optional you dont need a bloodline to be a great ninja here.

Desired Starting Element:

Desired Village: What village you want to join

Age: make this believable people we dont want 5 year olds running around beating the crap out of 25 year olds.

Desired Rank: Yes we let you pick your rank but dont go choosing jounin...rank doesnt mean crap here. A genin can pwn a jounin if the genin can rp better. BUT yes theres a BUT if you want to be anything above genin rank you must submit an rp sample worthy of the rank you are applying for. This means Chuunin requires a decent rp sample and a Jounin needs an extremely good rp sample. I will judge grammar, spelling, descriptions and punctuation.

Appearance: a description or a picture will suffice.

Character Personality: Be detailed please this is more important than the background info

Background Info: Post as much info as you want but dont make it horribly vague.

Rp sample: If you are applying for a rank above genin rank

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