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Nawaki Senju

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Nawaki Senju

Post by Nawaki Senju on Fri Oct 16, 2009 11:10 am

Name: Nawaki Senju

Desired Bloodline: Senju clan aka., one thousand skills

Desired Starting Element: Wood, Water.

Desired Village: Konoha

Age: 13 - 14

Desired Rank: Genin -> S-Rank missing-nin, Akatsuki


But the head would be...

Character Personality: He is rather calm when no mission is given to him. But in a meeting place, or while doing a mission he calls it "serious business" when his partner(anyone who would be going with him) calls it "junk". Nawaki gets annoyed by people who keeps talking to him all the time. He mostly wants to avoid them as much as possible. He never expresses his emotions with his face, mostly they're all the same, but when he was a genin of the Konoha village, he liked to smile and loved to be talkative.

Character Background:

Child life arc: Nawaki was born from the Konoha village. Not only that he was a regular civilian he was the first hokage's grandson and been loyal to other kids in his childhood, though when he became 5, the remembrance of the first was dispersing swiftly making Nawaki going back to his civilian life. At first, he didn't mind, but when kids started to forget that he was the grandson of the respectful first hokage they teased him without thoughts. Nawaki thought he had to move out of the village, but since he was young he thought that it would be great to leave the village when he gets older.

Academy student arc: As getting the chain from his grandfather he got in the academy without ease and easily performed all the E-Rank jutsus of the academy students. The chunnins thought for themselves, "He's almost like a child ANBU...", "I can't believe it... He did the bushin no jutsu at the age of 6 that easily.", and more words from the chunnins spread out and reached the akatsuki's. Akatsuki discusses about Nawaki about recruiting him to the organization though he is still 6 years old, which is too young to join the akatsuki's and planned to recruit him few years later.

Genin arc: He passed the final academy exam at the age of 9 without ease, and got his forehead protector. Thought the current Hokage only gave him D-Rank missions, of mostly finding a cat, and rarely C-rank missions. He wanted a mission that was worthy enough to spread out his name when it was already spread out. Hokage told him, "You are still a Genin, I'll give you better missions if you become a chunnin. Nawaki was fine with that, but couldn't wait very long. 1 and a half year after passed, since he became a Genin, and was assigned a better A-Rank mission, Nawaki was so proud of this, and bursted into the Hokage's office, asking the Hokage, "Where? When? What?!" The hokage sighed, and gave him a mission that was to protect a civilian along the way to the sand village, she wasn't ninja so she couldn't be that swift, and she was an elder of konoha. Nawaki was excited and went off outside the gates with her safely. The rumor about jounin bandits appear along the way, was true. 3 bandits popped up and Nawaki used his jutsu to protect the old lady, but then 1 jounin threw a kunai at her letting her dead. Nawaki was very mad, that an aura was around Nawaki. The trees grew then ensnared the jounins with it, choking them to death. Nawaki had tear under his eye then ran away from the Konoha village after packing his stuff at his house.

Travel arc: He's been traveling for 1 year by himself, then was found by an akatsuki member, the member recruited him. Nawaki didn"t want to join at start, but telling him that Konoha village was trying to kill you with that mission, he got outraged and joined it by a snap.

Rp Sample: (Do I need it? I'm a Genin.)
Nawaki Senju
Nawaki Senju

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