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Arai Senju

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Arai Senju

Post by Arai Senju on Sat Jul 04, 2009 7:19 pm

Character Name: Arai

Desired Bloodline: Mukoton [Leader] (SP?)

Desired Starting Element: I believe Water and Earth. I wish to be a jounin so does that mean I get another Element? If so, Fire.

Desired Village: Konohagakure

Age: 23

Desired Rank: Jounin

Appearance: Avatar. (Will put it up after registering)

Character Personality: He is a very calm man. He is very polite to others, but his kindness only goes so far. He will not tolerate being disrespected or allowing his clan to be disrespected. He's one that loves to be around others. He is very prideful of his Village.

Background Info: (Post as much info as you want but dont make it horribly vague.)
Arai was always seen as intelligent and well mannered, probably because his parents forced him to be that way. The couldn't stand disrespect, nor sloppiness. But, unlike his parents, he refused to be stuck up. Arai reached jounin rank at the age of 16. This was still early for a normal ninja, but still not the earliest in Konoha history. He happened to be one of few Senju that obtained the ability to manipulate wood, like his father, Roku. He lives alone these days, since the death of his parents in a raid of Konoha 10 years back. His father had been the leader of the clan up until then, where in his will he passed it to Arai. Arai now serves the Hokage, not as a pet, but more as a comrade. He respects the Hokage and the fact that he looks over the Village...It is something that Arai hoped to atain eventually, but doesn't currently find himself worthy enough to obtain.

Rp sample:

Dog, Rat, Boar, Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Dog..Arai completed the hand signs in a fraction of a second. His sapphire eyes pierced through the enemy, almost seeming as if he was looking into the man's soul. Then without saying a word, Arai slammed his hands into the ground below and it began to rumble greatly, as if an Earthquake was taking place. Trunks and roots began emerging from the barren earth of the wasteland. The trees were of the Oak family, trees that were very prominent in Konohagakure for hundreds of years and the same ones that his ancestor used to create the very forest that surrounded it to this day. The trees continued to grow and develop, years of development passing in mere seconds. Soon the trees extended to the sky well over fifteen yards high.

"I hope you're ready..You'll never mess with Konoha again!"

Arai stood to his original position and using his right hand, he lifted his long blonde hair out of his face and a smirk spread across it. The enemy, a rougue ninja from the land of Sunagakure, seemed fearless against Arai...even after witnessing the trait he had inherited all the way from the first Hokage's days. This intruigued Arai greatly. Was this man that strong..or was he just a fool like others? This was the perfect opportunity for him to find out. The area was completely different from where it first began..A barren, craggy wasteland, possessing no type of wildlife, only dirt and rocks. It was uninhabitable and there was no way any plants could ever grow in such rocky, dry soil. But by the time, Arai's jutsu had been finished, the area was now a forest, similar to the one surrounding Konoha, though the ground was still quite dry. These trees wouldn't stay alive for too long. The forest extended all the way through the area, now square miles of trees. Arai made sure that he and this ninja were located directly in the middle of these obelisk-like creations. The rougue pulled out a kunai, and held it tightly in his left hand, reversely gripped. Arai on the other hand, remained still, with his left hand still up in his well groomed hair. The Ex-Sand ninja took offense and quickly burst towards Arai with intense speed, a speed that was typical of a well trained jounin. Arai's blue eyes gazed at the man, seemingly in a trance...

NOOOO!!! Mother! Father!! Arai, from ten years ago..He cried out to his parents as ninja from the Hidden Mist had come into Konoha and randomly raided the Village. It was a time of Turmoil and Depression and for the last few years, crops had failed, leading most of the Great Nations in a time of famine which in the long run lead to more and more violent crimes. Because of Arai's backround and Bloodline, his family was able to help somewhat with their wood manipulation. One day, it seemed as if the Hidden Mist found out about them and quickly responded. Between 15 and 20 ninja all ranging from Chuunin to Jounin invaded the Village during nighttime. Konoha was ill prepared for the suprise attack and didn't respond quickly enough. 3 ninja, 2 jounin and a chuunin found Arai and his parents in the Village Forest looking for any signs of changing in herb growth. The ninja ambushed them, tieing them all up with rope and asking his parents for the location of the clan house. Obviously, they declined and declined, even after moments of torture. The it was decided that if they wouldn't speak, the death of their child would make them speak. By this time, the father had come up with a plan, and through his ingenious use of the bloodline, was able to set Arai free. He and his wife knew that they would have to stay behind to fend the ninja off or risk them catching their son and killing him without remorse. Arai refused to leave them, knowing that they intended on using a technique that was forbidden in the clan because of the risk it held...The death of it's users. Suddenly, another Leaf Jounin had arrived on the scene and noticed that the two parents were building up an immense amount of chakra and listened to their last words.."Take Arai to safety...Do NOT look back!!" With those words, the jounin had taken up Arai, who was fighting him, and managed to sweep him to safety. As he was being taken away, that was when he yelled out those words...NOOOO!!! Mother! Father!!

Arai's memories of his parents always echo through his mind...even in the midst of battle. At this time, the ninja had only been a foot away and he quickly slashed forward with the kunai towards Arai's face. In the laast moment, he dodged backwards, avoiding a fatal blow and only taking a slight cut on the face. His right hand slid through a set of handsigns and roots immediately rushed out of the ground towards the rougue, more and more rushing out of the ground. The rougue did well at dodging them but he was soon overwhelmed by the great number and once he was caught by one, he was only doomed to be caught by more and more until he could no longer move. Arai was somewhat disappointed by the ninja's wewak display..

"Tch, and you call yourself a ninja.."
Arai Senju
Arai Senju

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Re: Arai Senju

Post by Seraph on Sat Jul 04, 2009 7:25 pm

You only get wood and that counts as two need to learn the last one. Anyway Approved by the way...resize your image...


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