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Post by Senjuzumaki on Thu Nov 18, 2010 12:19 am

Character Name: Senju, Zumaki

Desired Bloodline: Mokuton

Desired Starting Element: Water, Earth,Wood

Desired Village: Konohagakure

Age: 16

Desired Rank: Chuunin

Appearance: Zumaki wears a standard chuunin jacket with dark blue undergarments. He is dark,tall(5"8"), and slim,muscular. He has short brown hair and brown eyes and wears his headband around his neck and an almost permanent look of calm on his face. He is rarely seen with marks on his clothes, he makes sure to take care of himself. His wardrobe mainly consists of neutral colors, even when not on a job. His left sleeve is rolled up to show a metal plated glove worn over many bandages that reach his elbow, the result of lots of taijutsu training.

Character Personality: Zumaki is very loyal to his village and friends. He would easily give his life for an ally and he never disobeys direct orders. He loves to train, only stopping for missions or to eat,which he only does when he really needs it. When it comes to friends, Zumaki is very social and can be slick alot. He doesn't look down on people, believing that he has no right to because he is not the strongest shinobi. Though Zumaki doesn't look down on people, he does use sarcasm alot, which has gotten him many rivals.
Zumaki absolutely loves fighting, especially those that can actually defeat him. Though he'll fight anytime, Kiyo only kills when he absolutely has to. He'd rather let his opponent live so that they can fight another day. As a matter of fact, he always challenges his opponents before leaving them so that they may seek him out later.
On missions, Zumaki is completely serious, not taking failure as an options and he is a natural born leader, not ashamed to let someone who is better prepared do certain things for the sake of the mission. Zumaki is an absolute flirt, though he doesn't even realize when he does it. It just come naturally, and that usually gets him into harmless trouble.

Background Info: Zumaki was born and raised a member of the Senju Clan. Even at a young age, his family recognized him as a genius. Making good marks all throughout school, Zumaki worked hard, and made lots of friends and rivals.He graduated top of his class and promised to keep his nindo and become a well rounded shinobi. After a while as a genin and a couple of C-Rank missions, Zumaki found that he got a kick out of being in the feild. He felt that the more he completed, the stronger he got, and the stronger he got the better he could assure himself that he would make it back home each time he left.

Rp sample:Zumaki flew back as he was hit by something powerful. He growled as he held his stomach and looked up at the source of his pain, only to have to jump out of the way of a kunai. "This has got to end soon,'"Zu thought as he put his hands into a hand seal. Mokuton! he cried as a thick branch of wood flew toward his opponent, followed by a kunai of his own. He smirked as he saw the figure move out of the way with difficulty before looking at him. "Finally, a challenge," he thought.

Zumaki woke up with a goofy grin on his face that gave away that he just had that dream again. He was once again laid out on the floor of his favorite training ground. He inhaled deeply as a wave of fatigue swept over him. Even with the little nap he had awoken from he was too tired to rise. He wouldn't be getting up anytime soon, not that sleeping where he dropped was anything new to the chuunin. He always trained himself until he had absolutely no energy left. The rarely used training ground had become somewhat of a second home to the young Senju.

The brown eyed shinobi managed to turn his head and look at the damage he made. Branches struck out from everywhere around the grounds. If these grounds were more common among the konoha shinobi, he was sure that he wouldn't get away with making a forest out of them. But, luckily he was the only one that trained there as he knew of. He smiled as he looked at his accomplishments. I'll be the greatest ninja in the village in no time he said to himself. He closed his eyes once again as he imagined shaking hands with the hokage, with a crowd of villagers cheering for him. He soon fell asleep thinking of his goal.


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