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Taven Naïlo

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Taven Naïlo

Post by Taven Naïlo on Tue Jun 02, 2009 2:10 am

Character Name: Taven Naïlo

Desired Bloodline: None

Desired Starting Element: Wind

Desired Village: Sunagakure

Age: 14

Desired Rank: Gennin

Taven is clad usually in common shinobi attire. He has his left ear pierced on the highest place possible. He did this as a reminder of his fallen comrade. He can often be spotted holding a kunai and having a small fan on his left side as another reminder. He has a few scrolls but neglects researching them.

Character Personality: Taven is a shinobi of the Sunagakure village, he is young and cocky. He respects shinobi of higher rank. With people more familiar to him, he can be a bit sarcastic and manipulative. Some have called him a very intellectual being, but he doe snot agree with this often. Despite his slight sadistic tendencies, he is viewed as a nice kid who keeps his opinions to himself. Some might also say that he carries an air of sadness around him(will be explained in the back ground). He is outgoing with high goals in life and many things he wished he could change. He aspires to be the best of the Sand Village and even beyond that.

Taven is very fond of sweet candy and birds of prey. He sometimes wishes he lived in an area with more of these majestic creatures, but wouldn't change his desert lifestyle for very much if anything. Taven likes using kunai and other simple tools. He has a small fan always at his side as a reminder.

Background Info: Taven entered the academy at the age of 11. When he turned 12, he graduated from the ninja academy and was assigned to Genin Team 11. In the chuunin exam, his teammates were killed by other contestants and because of that, Taven regards the exams with disgust. Taven felt he needed to keep the memory of his fallen comrades alive and so he had his left ear pierced to acknowledge his comrade who loved the jewellry of the Sand village. Taven's other team mate was a prodigy at bending the winds to his will. He could not manipulate them but used it very flawlessly. Taven wishes to one day become the greatest shinobi the sand has ever produced. Will his dreams come to fruition or will he be a smear on the pages of history?
Taven Naïlo
Taven Naïlo

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