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Sunagakure's ANBU HQ

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Sunagakure's ANBU HQ

Post by Takimoto-kun on Fri Jul 10, 2009 1:56 pm

The hot and heavy desert breeze stumbled through the streets of Sunagakure. The alleys were caught in a perpetual motion of faint footsteps, a shady figure's identity being kept safe by the thin shadows of the buildings. After moments of stealth and careness, the figure stopped in the building behind the ANBU HQ of the Hidden Sand Village, chakra released slowly to his feet. He made his way up to the roof of that same structure to gain a better view of the headquarters. There were two shinobi, masks covering their faces, watching the main door. Careless to say those were the only guards. The Chuunin knew it would be pretty hard to surpass the security, the office of the ANBU Leader being in the top of the building. At least, that was what Nailo Taven had said.

"Five explosions..."

Thought the Yoshitoki as he glanced at key spots with his eyes, seemingly building up a strategy in his mind. The young man's plan? He carefully grabbed shuriken from his long sleeves, attaching exploding tags to them. Precisely aiming at the five spots, each at a different location, away from much movement and people. There would be no dead if Taki still had that precise aim that the Yoshitoki were known for. Five hissing sounds, moving gently through the air, like if they were being directed by the warm breeze of the desert itself to their destination. Slight "pocks" of metal piercing wood were the anticipation of five distinguishing explosions... And the village was thrown into a deep state of ruckus and illusion. And as expected, the outer ring of the ANBU Ops would check it out, meaning that the inside job would be much harder.

Takimoto fell down from the roof, making his way to the very front door. Noone was in sight, only his own figure reflected in the glass of the door. The Chuunin stretched his right hand towards the door nob, slightly tilting it to the side as it made screetching opening noises. He only opened it halfway, slipping through the thin entrance and getting inside the building. The first floor's entrance was a long hallway with two separate ways in its end. Meaning there were two staircases... Takimoto's eyes narrowed, increasing his perception slightly as he made his way through the corridor. The boy sank his right hand on the pouch strapped in the backs of his left ribs, two ping-pong sized balls being steadilly grabbed by it. A harsh throw to each corridor that split open to the stairways, anticipating the heavy fog that would install through the first floor. An ANBU 'soldier' appeared through the fog, completely speechless of what was going on. Suddenly, he felt an instant tackle on his neck, falling uncounscious. The Yoshitoki was now making his way up to the fourth floor, he didn't even care about checking the other levels.

The fourth floor. Takimoto found it rather empty. There was not a soul in sight, nothing that would catch the Chuunin's attention. Glancing from time to time through the corner of his eyes, Takimoto found the ANBU Leader's office, opening the door. It took 4 meters from the door to the desk, one meter alone from the wooden desk itself to the window behind it. Mere calculations for retreat strategies, the Yoshitoki planned to exit the building right after getting any kind of information the leader's office stored. Outside, the yelling of the Suna Shinobi were clear. They were on to the Konohagakure Chuunin and they were looking for any foreigner in the immediaces of the explosions... Leading to the HQ. Takimoto opened drawers, grabbed any kind of information and stored it in the pouch strapped to his right thigh. Clearly it didn't have much equipment, letting room for the scrolls. Behind Taki, the door opened with severity. Two ANBU ninja were coming at the Yoshitoki to take him down. The Chuunin grabbed a kunai with a tag attached, identical to that of an explosive tag, and threw it against the wall next to the office door.

"A tag...? Get down!"

Takimoto's facial expression would give out a hint of a smile has he broke through the windows of the ANBU Leader's office and used shuriken wrapped with wire to reach the building in front of it, pulling himself against the walls and using chakra on his feet to move upwards. The climb was tiring, but he needed to leave Sunagakure quickly. When the shinobi in the office finally understood that the tag was just a decoy, manufactured personally by the Yoshitoki Clan... It would be too late. Off to the streets of Suna!

-----------> Exit.

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