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The Arrival

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The Arrival

Post by Takimoto-kun on Fri Jul 10, 2009 1:10 pm

Takimoto and his Sunagakure Shinobi companion, Nailo Taven, arrived at the gates of the Hidden Village. One of the guards spotted them, making a signal for them to stop. It was pure check-up, at least that was what Taven explained to the Yoshitoki. When the Suna Ninja recognized the Genin, he ordered the opening of the gates, letting Taki and Taven enter. Now inside, the young Leaf Chuunin splitted from his 'partner' and made his way to the ANBU HQ after the direction being pointed by Nailo.

"I'll catch up with you when I'm finished, Taven-san. Thank you."

With this said, Takimoto vanished, towards the ANBU HQ.

(bunny allowed by Seraphiel, ends here.)

EXIT ->>>>>> ANBU HQ

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