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Jaku (unfinished)

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Jaku (unfinished)

Post by Jaku on Sun Jun 07, 2009 12:33 pm

Character Name: Jakushiro "Jaku" Tagaki.

Desired Bloodline: None.

Desired Starting Element: Lightning.

Desired Village: Amegakure.

Age: 26

Desired Rank: S-class Jounin.


Character Personality: Be detailed please this is more important than the background info

Background Info: Post as much info as you want but dont make it horribly vague.

Rp sample: [Got this from BO for Franz's profile Very Happy]
The vanity mirror reflected Franz's almost empty expression as he sat before it, running a brush through his short blonde hair. He was well-rested and he healthy, but there wasn’t much he could do about it at the moment. Now he felt the need to do something. Satisfied that his hair was properly brushed, Franz set the brush down and started to fix his hair. It was his nightly routine.

"I like it left down. You should know that." It was his mistress's voice in his ear, and Franz nodded, sliding his fingers through his hair again to fix it. The same hands that had stopped his routine led him to the window. The hands were oddly gentle as they caressed Franz's pale cheeks while his Mistress's mouth descended to his ear. "I have a job for you." His mistress purred before lowering to nip along his neck. Her hands were soft tonight as they moved over his now arm, playing his body like a finely tuned instrument. One he tuned himself. "There is a storm brewing up in Karakura. Aid them, and I will reward you handsomely."

The mistress was being oddly gentle tonight. Franz didn’t know if she was reluctant to let him go, worried about the mission, or if it was completely unrelated. Regardless of where his Mistress's sudden tenderness had come from, Franz wasn’t complaining. He just nodded, ever compliant to his Mistress, and let his mind wander as Helen used him as she pleased.

Karakura town. That was half way around the world. Franz hadn't been out of the country without his Mistress or a friend of his as an escort, and now he was being sent around the world alone. Did that mean she trusted him? Trust probably wasn't the right word. She probably just knew that Franz was bound to her. Where else would he go? What else could he do? She was all Franz knew, and it was true. Still, Franz was glad to go for more reasons that just to please his Mistress. It was different than this. Maybe better, maybe worse, but different was a good start. Maybe it would be a fresh start. All alone. Free. Maybe.

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