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Post by Lilith Khezu on Sun Jun 07, 2009 12:01 am

Character Name: Lucy.

Desired Bloodline: Not one yet.

Desired Starting Element: Lightning.

Desired Village: Kumogakure.

Age: 14

Desired Rank: Chuunin

Appearance: Avatar , once I put it up.

Character Personality:Lucy's personality is rather calm and playful but can become extremely protective if something she cares about is threatened, she is also known to be schitzoprhenic and her other personality calls herself Mary , she is extremely violent and rather lustfull but she usually is suppressed by the more dominant personality Lucy.

Background Info: Lucy was just a little girl when she met her first acquaintance with death, a squad of a few shinobi burst through the small house's doors and killed both of her parents before searching trhough the house for something. Lucy had been hiding in a cupboard when she saw her father and mother be strucked down some of the blood splurted through the cupboards opening and scattered across her face. After the shinobi had disbanded as swift as they had arrived it would seem they hadn't found what they were looking for, sobbing some Lucy descended from the cupboard to her parent's sides and there she cried for an uncounted time but this unknowilingly brought out another personality in her which laid dormant in her subconsious until the right time. After leaving her home she wandered aimlessly in hope of help , until finally she came across a small village at the base of a mountain where it snowed ever so lightly, a kindly family took her in and cared for her.

Rp sample: The coldest Winter anyone could remember, and Lucy was in the midst of it. Fluffy snowflakes drifted to the ground like cotton, pilling up in huge drifts against buildings and fences. The stars shone, crisp and clear, in a sky of black velvet. It was late, but still a few citizens scurried to and fro; occasionally, a comon ninja would race past, disturbing the new fallen snow into a swirl of white, which slowly settled back onto the street. A small girl held her heavy overcoat tightly around her, the only visible feature of her was her multi-coloured hair as it flapped in the chilly breeze. A white bundle of bandages was strapped to her back, a bright colored clump of hair was visible at the top of the bundle,advertising that she may or may not be skilled in the use of puppets, Across the worn bundle it reads: Fawkes, and Property of Lucy on a peeling label.
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Re: Lucy.

Post by Taven Naïlo on Sun Jun 07, 2009 1:25 am

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