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From dusk till dawn.

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From dusk till dawn.

Post by Seraph on Fri Jun 05, 2009 8:21 pm

A small thud could be heard in the forest as a figure landed on a thick branch high above the street. Seraph had been away on a mission for some time; months by the look of it. His hair lay unkempt and his clothes dirty. He looked around searching for his targets. He lay back on the tree while passing his hand through his hair. He had been on these missions before and had to endure these types of conditions many times over. He sighed a bit and glanced back down the path. He was sure that they were supposed to be coming through here. He had followed them for days and his sources had told him that this would be their weakest spot. Assassinations weren't Seraph's favorite missions but he had no other choice but to go through with it.

Suddenly the sound broke the silence of the night and Seraph turned in the direction that it had come from. There it came a small wooden horse drawn carriage came down the path. Its driver was somewhat dozed off from the looks of him. "Perfect..." he thought to himself as he took his time timing his jump. The whole driver dozing off at the reigns was perfect. It meant that the job would be easy to carry through with. Seraph took out a kunai and held it in front of his face as he made a hand sign with his free hand. A light poof and right beside him stood a perfect copy of himself.

“Lightning Release Shadow Clone jutsu” he thought while he nodded to himself and saw him jump down in front of the horse, meanwhile he jumped down and landed behind the carriage. The horse was startled and stopped on the spot; it raised itself on its hind legs and began kicking the clone. As soon as the hoofs hit Seraph’s clone it burst into lightning electrocuting the horse and sending electricity to the driver. The shock of what had just happened startled the driver as he saw his horse dead on the ground. Quickly realizing what had happened he turned around and opened the window, but it was too late all that was left inside were the remains of who he was escorting. Their blood covered bodies lay on the floor of the inside of the carriage; their faces were as nothing had happened; dead in their sleep one would say.

A small thud was heard as a kunai hit the window next to where the driver sat watching the inside of the carriage. He recognized the sound but it was too late as a sizzling sound began near him, a rather short fuse it was. The carriage then was lifted into the air as fire engulfed it and an explosion echoed in the forest making birds and animals flee from the area. Seraph was long gone.

A sudden clash of steel could be heard as Seraph blocked the blow with his kunai. Lightning lit up the night as the dark tower. Azazael stood over him as the sound of fighting and screams came from down below. The battle had been going on for hours and he knew that it was almost one. He trusted each and every one of the people fighting in the streets. They had planned this for weeks and they were surely on the brink of a new dawn.

Another strike and this time it was too close for comfort. Seraph was young and so was Azazael, but Seraph was younger. Seraph jumped into the air towards a wall he rebounded and landed an axe kick on Azazael’s shoulder. Azazael jumped back after blow and began forming hand signs. A great wave of water formed behind him as the rain began flooding into the room. Azazael launched it at Seraph. Seraph had not been expecting this and was thrown by the wave against the wall dropping his kunai he laid on the ground with Azazael over him ready to deal the final blow. Seraph had blood trickling down his forehead; probably from the blow he had just received, he looked up and saw Azazael standing there looking down on him. He laughed maniacally as he thrust down his sword into Seraph’s chest.

At that moment Seraph woke sweating in his bed the rain could be heard and seen outside his window thundering down on the roof above. He half turned and put his feet on the ground and his face in his hands. He looked at the clock next to his bed; it read 3:50 am, then looking towards the window he lowered his hand to his chest. The scar of the wound from that day was still there constantly reminding him of the past and who had done it. Slowly he got up and headed towards the window.

He placed his hand on the window frame and looked down to the rainy streets of the village he now was in charge of. He placed his other hand on the other side of the frame and stared down while the rain hit the ground. Seraph then stood up and took his cloak and threw it over himself and headed out the door. He headed somewhere and nowhere. Maybe he just needed some fresh air or to feel the rain on his skin.

-------------------------> {Somewhere in Amegakure}

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