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Kirei Kagami

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Kirei Kagami

Post by Kirei Kagami on Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:15 pm

Character Name: Kirei Kagami (Clean Mirror)

Desired Bloodline: Maybe will think of one later.

Desired Starting Element: Lightning

Desired Village: None in particular

Age: 17

Desired Rank: Genin/Unranked

Appearance: Profile Picture, etc...essentially distinctively native american in terms of dress.

Character Personality: At times brash, but usually friendly on the exterior. As a part of a merchant family, he nevertheless has an at-times suspicious mind that usually makes the right connections but sometimes will find plots where there aren't.

Background Info: The son of a merchant, Kirei spent most of his life living overseas, hence his slightly eccentric appearance. As such, he knows a fairly broad range of knowledge as well as a skill in bartering. However, in many countries, traders are generally of a low class and, as such, are frequently taken advantage of. Thus, Kirei's family was known for its both political and economic astuteness. For a time, it was a large family with an extended mercenary network. However, a war that broke out in the south brought the Kagami family to ruin. Having returned to his parent's homeland, Kirei hopes to return some measure of his family's former prestige and money. He frequently sends any money he gains overseas to the rest of his family.

Rp sample:
"Fourteen Ryo."
"Not a penny under Fourteen."
"Ten and a silver Tael."
"Twelve and a tael."
"Eleven and a Tael."

Kirei whistled to himself as he shouldered the pack of linen. Bartering up north was no different from the south, and, if anything, was more cutthroat. Linen would never fetch more than a basic price, and it would never match the silk that Kirei had brought north. But that had been long-since sold out. With the two ryo that he had withheld from the cloth manufacturer, Kirei looked at a nearby newspaper. It seemed as if War seemed to be the main moneymaker in the slightly feudal north. And where the money was, Kirei would undoubtedly be there. In a place like this, it's information that matters the most. It was funny how there could be spies in a nation of ninja, but there were little ironies all over the world, and a nation of ninja that operated by a code of honor was already a travesty if anything. Kirei stood up. He would sell the linen and send it back home, and then move to one of the shinobi villages. After all, you can't buy everything with money, but you can't buy anything without money.
Kirei Kagami
Kirei Kagami

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Re: Kirei Kagami

Post by Seraph on Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:17 pm


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