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Post by Takimoto-kun on Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:12 pm

The gates of Konoha stand proudly as the Leaf's first line of defense. In the horizon, a shadow lurks in the fog of the early morning, it walking towards the village itself. The guard of the gates shouts for its name, but there is no answer. He grabs the kunai, his left hand shivering as it could mean entering into a life or death situation. However, the figure that is clearly noticed as a young teenager raises his right hand and waves at the Shinobi on top of the gates.

"Yoshitoki Takimoto... May I enter now?"

The guard checks some paper and nods, ordering for the gates to be opened.

"You could have said that much sooner, young man!" - shouted the ninja, sighing as he felt lighter, the nerves being washed away as it was a friendly Shinobi.

Taki ignored the guard, he had finally returned to Konoha, that was what most mattered. Now, he had to head on for his Clan's house, which was located in the far northwestern side of town. The Chuunin tightened his headband and looked around the gates as he slowly walked into the streets. His green eyes met with some people that travelled to their daily jobs, them completely ignoring the recently arrived Shinobi. He didn't care, Takimoto spent most of the time looking down to the ground, but he was curious on how did Konoha change for the time he was away. Oddly enough, it didn't change one bit, at least not on the surface.

Yoshitoki Takimoto recognizes a few ninjas that had been on the exams with him. However, he decides to ignore them and carry on, his mother should be pleased for the little surprise he had in store for her, his own arrival. Little sister should also be happy. To be frankly honest, those were the only two people the Chuunin actually opened himself to, showing a very odd self, one much more different from that always shy and not at all talkative person. On the street before that of the Yoshitoki clanhouse, Takimoto freezes. For an unknown reason, a cold chill went down his spine. That moment of reunion was scaring him for some reason.

The Shinobi closed his eyes and shook his head, then walking those last few steps to the door of his clanhouse. The street in which the clan was placed wasn't very famous, quite the contrary. Very few people walked around here during the daily and pretty much noone ventured there during the night. Takimoto did not care, he gave one final step, stretching his right hand to the wooden door while looking at the symbol of the Yoshitoki clan (much like the Scipii roman banner).

He knocks softly on the door and waits patiently, it opening after brief moments, a brunette woman, around the age of forty-two, looks at Takimoto with her green eyes. One could immediatly figure out from whom did the Yoshitoki teenager inherit his looks. She stares at him, holding the tears and not saying a word. Was she still made because he left the house for one year? In any case, he bowed in a greeting of respect and entered the house. Takimoto sighed as his mother, Yoshitoki Daida, pointed at his old room without pronouncing a word. He had inherited her personality as well.

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Re: Arrival

Post by Lilith Khezu on Tue Jun 16, 2009 7:23 am

A you girl dressed in a bleached white kimono like attire slowly came into view from the gates of Konoha slightly stumbling from left to right which is somewhat evident that either she has been travelling for a great amount of time and requires refreshments or that the sun is rather unpleasing to her. She finally came into contact with the grand gates of Konoha, a loud yet powerful voice was heard by her which made her tilt her head upwards due to the loud sound hurting her ears. It called down. " Who are you?"

She moved slightly from side to side as she never learnt any language but her own. Looking back up she began to whistle in a high-pitched range which would annoy anyone that heard it to frequently. The guards looked down slightly worried but also cautiously and asked her if she could to come up to them. From the sounds of their voices they sounded angry yet curious just as she felt, so in response to them she quickly latched herself onto the gate using not only her natural grip but also charka which would show she was a shinobi. Scaling the gate at an alarming rate she soon made it to the top, the guards looking at one another slowly approached her but as they did she quickly jumped down the other side going into the village just as quick as she had scaled the gate.

The guards dumb-founded by what had just occurred shrugged to one another as one noted that she was wearing a blind fold so he thought that she could do no real harm so he let this go by unoticed and returned to guarding the gate. She had made it into the village, her reasons unknown but it would seem to others around her that she was quiet a stranger to their lands. Turning her head from side to side with excitement for she had never heard so much different sounds going off one by one, she finally after a great deal of aimless wandering came to a rather shaded spot under a tree, sitting down she turned her head left to right giving off the all to familiar whistling sound as if this was her way of seeing.

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