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Post by ブーディ猿Gôzumai on Wed Nov 03, 2010 1:12 pm

Name: Gôzumai

Alias: ブーディ猿

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Village: Rogue

Rank: Missing Nin


Appearance: Black pants along with a Black long sleeve turtleneck adorned with conductive white ninja armor similer to the armor Hashirama Senju wore, with a Kumogakure headband with a cut across the the symbol hidden within his pouch.

Personality: Gôzumai is very timid usually but when his other personality kicks in he is legally insane as well as a sociopath/ borderline pychopath.would rather torture someone to death rather then become friends with them.

History: ブーディ猿 Gozumai was a very timid villager who strived to be the best ninja, Unkown to him the villgers were plotting against him. so he decided the village was keeping him back so he left the village and two days later he was attacked by Anbu and he nearly died before he plunged him self over the edge of a cliff, several days later he woke up on edge of a river with Shuriken all over his body. Gozumai barely escaped that day and has been starting to kill people and take their justu's and clan knowledge, he has been doing such for 18 years now.

Nindo: Gôzumai's only purpose is to experiment on human being's to make them stronger and faster, and to learn their anatomy to further fuel his own selfish desires.

Special Weapon(s): two black Raiton katanas.

Miscellaneous Gear: 20 pound weights on all of his limbs for speed training. and one sealing jutsu book.Also three summoning tattoos two for black Raiton katanas and another on his upper back area for Santzu.

Fighting Style: Strategic/Suicidal,Gôzumai will slowly determine the enmy's fighting method and slowly wear them down, or will attempt to take them down with him. He has also recently developed a fighting style named Fighting Monkey.

Kekkei Genkai:

Primary Element: Raiton.

Secondary Element:

Noteworthy Techniques: Raiton no Yoroi/ or Lightning release is a B-class jutsu.
Raiton No Yoroi,it can electrically stimulate the nervous system and speed up the neural synapses to react faster to danger, as well as give incredible speed and strength. The armor also increases the user's defense, drastically reducing, if not completely negating, damage from incoming attacks.He won this technique from the previous Raikage.

Chidori:This technique channels a large amount of lightning chakra to the user's hand. The amount of chakra is so great that it becomes visible. The high concentration of electricity produces a sound reminiscent of many birds chirping, hence the name. Once the technique is completed, the user charges forward and thrusts the Chidori into the target. This produces heavy amounts of damage that is usually fatal. This technique is classified as an assassination technique

Seals: A shuriken shaped seal on both of his wrists. they are a set of summoning tattoos, and a large summoning tattoo for his sword Santzu on the right side of his right leg for easy drawing.

Rp sample: ブーディ猿Gôzumai Lurches forward and with a kick of dust he dashes at Conker launching into uppercut slash and surprisingly he pumps alittle bit of chakra to the muscles of his right arm increasing the speed of the attack to the point of a blink of the eye using the raiton to stimulate his muscles or a small form of his usual jutsu Raiton no yoroi but in a more compact and chakra effective way.
The Reincarnation Conker takes the blow full on, the nails bones digging into his skin, causing droplets of blood to hit the floor. Conker simply chuckled from the blow, taking the raiton without a problem, 'Guess I have been away too long.' Conker inhales deeply and raises his leg, swinging hard toward Gozu's midsection, most likely the bottom part of his ribcage. He concentrates his chakra into his legs. ブーディ猿 Gôzumai takes the kick and groans slightly due to the intense impact , but instead of flying away he use the impact by spinning around with yet another slashing motion with a set of increased claws with wicked sharp edges aimed toward Conkers Midsection. While meanwhile he prepares his signiture jutsu forming the katas ,Monkey - Dragon - Rat and yellinRaiton:Kaminari no bakuhatsu forming a -
ブーディ猿 Gôzumai forming a gun like shape with his left hand as a bead of raiton chakra condensed into a powerful but small blast he release's that at Conker a second after he spun around along with the clawsaiming to slash and blast Conker out of his way.
The Reincarnation Conker groans lightly as the claws come across his midsection. He slides back, avoiding anymore direct contact with Gozu. Conker looks up in time to see that Gozu made a gun with his hand and released a blast of Raiton at him. Conker then made a set of handseals and muttered, 'Kamifubuki Bunshin no Jutsu' When the blast hit him, Conker's form exploded and rained down to the floor as Confetti.
ブーディ猿 Gôzumai looks around confused at the sudden poof of confetti, Gozumai yells out " Conker you sly bastard!" but stay's on guard ready for his counter attack.
The Reincarnation Conker ducks into a shadow behind Gozu, making sure to stay out of sight. Conker makes a set of handseals in the shadow and murmurs, 'Fuuton: Kaze no Sairento' Conker exhales a special chakra-filled wind into the area. It initially seemed harmless and mostly was. What it did however was cut out the sounds of the area. Both good and bad for both fighters. Conker then rushed Gozu and placed a kick -
The Reincarnation Conker -into his back, trying to stumble him at least.
ブーディ猿 Gôzumai is kicked forward by his unseen enemy, as he is stumbling forward he realizes that he cnat hear himself so he takes action to prevent from being surrounded and takes a claw cuts his thumb and slams it into the ground creating a mixture of smoke and Dust. As the smoke clears Gozumai is standing still with Shiza, and Keido his converted puppets from the kumogakure, creating chakra strings he-
ブーディ猿 Gôzumai attaches them using both of his hands for full control over them and postions them on either side him while he makes each of them draw their custom Raiton tantou's which he power up by flowing Raiton through the string empowing the weapons for a good three post with a large burst then stopping the the burst as he stands and trys to read his opponent.
The Reincarnation Conker shifts his position, 'Guess I should get serious.' Conker shrugs his shoulders and begins to spark and his body lets off a crackling noise. He then closes his eyes, the sparking and crackling ceasing. He pushes off the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust and jumps toward the first puppet. As he decends toward it, Conker unsheathes his katana from his hip and spins it, dropping the blade -
The Reincarnation Conker -into the puppet.
ブーディ猿 Gôzumai simply watches the movement and the impalment of the puppet. laughing he says " these arent normal puppets they have normal skin but i replaced their bones with steel of the highest quality from kumogakure and enhanced that with chakra increasing their movement capability, so you did nothing" as he makes keido swiftly slash at conker while it moves behind him as Gozumai makes Shiza try to -
ブーディ猿 Gôzumai impale Conker from below.
The Reincarnation Conker Hmms, comtemplating his opponents words, 'Okay' He takes an explosive tag out and tosses it toward the puppets, 'This'll hurt.' Conker activates the tag as soon as he throws it, causing an explosion within the area. When the explosion concludes, the cave starts to shake around them, 'Oops.'
ブーディ猿 Gôzumai Drops the chakra strings as he had sacrificed his puppets to protect him self from the explosion. Gozumai looks around the cave as it is shaking and decides to bring this to and end so he starts to dash for the exit gahtering chakra to his feet but instead of putting it to use in the muscles, he puts it into the bottom of his feet generating water chakra known as suiton using that as a -
ブーディ猿Gôzumai Means to propel himself by gliding on the ground using the water as a momentary advantage.
The Reincarnation Conker sighs, 'No fun.' Conker focuses his chakra into his legs and takes off after Gozu, following him through the cave to the outside. As they reach the outside, rocks fall down blocking the entrance, 'Someone is not going to be happy about that.'
ブーディ猿 Gôzumai stands out side the cave looking at conker.
The Reincarnation Conker shakes his head, 'WELL I actually need to depart/'
ブーディ猿 Gôzumai nods " good game" and leaves heading towards his hidden camp in southwest kumogakure.


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