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Kumori Hazename (WiP)

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Kumori Hazename (WiP)

Post by Kumori on Sun Oct 31, 2010 4:22 am

Character Name: Kumori Hazename (Uchiha)

Desired Bloodline: Three-Tomoe Sharingan

Desired Starting Element: Lightning, Fire

Desired Village: Amegakure

Age: 15

Desired Rank: Chuunin


Character Personality: Be detailed please this is more important than the background info

Background Info: Post as much info as you want but dont make it horribly vague.

Rp sample:
"What do you want you bastard?" Saiyaku snarled at the man who'd come up from behind and grabbed her. She heard a chuckle from the man and wriggled as she felt the vibrations.

'Disgusting f***,' She thought. Saiyaku's arms struggled to get free so she could loose a punch.

"Come on sugar don't be that way,"he purred. His voice was raspy and rough, and it made her want to puke. She gagged and swung her leg back to kick him in the stomach. He avoided the kick and gave her the time and space that she needed.

Saiyaku struggled out of his arms and swung her elbow towards his face. Bone met jaw in a sickening crack and a thud was heard as the man went down. His body rolled over as he clutched his face in his hands.

"Holding your face isn't gonna make it better,"She said bitterly. She then dusted herself off and walked back towards the path she'd been dragged off of.

Her eyes closed heavily. Wearily. She'd been traveling like this for how long? A month? Two? Probably three. She'd been chased out of too many villages. Gained a reputation in them, been warded off, and thrown out of a house. Not to mention what started it.

Her eyes narrowed at the path before her.

She'd been thrown out of my own damn world.

Quite literally. She'd been born in another world. A normal world compared to this world. A world where there weren't wide open fields. A place where she went to school. A place where she'd been for all my life.

A place she hated.

Not that she didn't want to go back. She did. So much. But she hadn't been welcomed there. She wasn't welcomed here either. She wasn't a welcoming person herself. She didn't act the part. She didn't look the part. She was dressed in a loose black shirt, the sleeves billowing past her hands sheathing them in black cloth. Her loose fitting black pants were just short of dragging on the ground.

Her black sandals covered my feet. No dirt got on them. Her sword hung at her waist, bouncing when she walked silently. That sword was what got her her reputation. The Black Reaper. She smiled at the name. A sword forged of a black iron, so rare it was an image fit for royalty. And why did Saiyaku have it? Because it was cursed.

Whoever wielded the sword was cursed, to walk endless nights, never sleeping till dawn broke. As you can imagine she didn't sleep much because of it. The villagers that had the sword had gladly let her have it once she'd come upon it. The hilt was a stunning silver wrapped in black cord. A small tassle swished from the cord binding.

Her herself had warm chocolate brown eyes, or she'd been told. Her hair was a dark brown complexion, though she knew it was really more than that. Her skin, despite her traveling so much, was as pale as moonlight. A small onyx ring was on her right ring finger. Other than that she wore only earings and a necklace. One she'd had when I was in the other world.

As she walked down the path, she recognized the tell tale signs of a village she was approaching. Her eyes scanned the layout. She debated on whether or not she should go through it. Her gut told her not too, but her mind needed rest. She chuckled, what she meant was rest come morning. No use in sleeping now when she'd only get an hour or two.

Dark would be approaching soon, and though she'd become accustom to traveling at night and she could see well in darkness, she didn't feel like running into anymore unexpected guests. She opted for the village. She sighed and walked on further till she reached the gates. She sifted through with the crowds and was lost in the throng of people.


By the time that dusk was approaching she'd made reservations at a local inn. The inn keeper didn't make me pay the fee. She'd heard of Saiyaku. Sometimes, after being chased off all the time, the reputation came in handy. She'd left her pack at the inn and was out trying to find something to eat when she felt a dark presence come into the area. Her eyes narrowed and she stilled. The air was thick.

She turned and bolted off in a direction the aura was coming from. She ran, sprinting through the crowds, grunting as she pushed someone out of my way, she ran and jumped onto a stand and into the air, pulling her sword out. Someone screamed and she gritted her teeth. Her sword came down on a demon, slicing through a limb. She landed and did a forward roll avoiding the smashing attack of a tail.

She got up and ran at it brandishing her sword high. The demon swung low as she flipped, landing on the demon's back. He resembled a scorpion. She missed his legs like she thought she would and ran up his back heading for the...well....head. She spun, her sword hacking off a piece of his barbed tail. Her sword cut through it with a grinding sound. She grimaced and kept running as the demon screeched.

She pushed off of his back and twisted, slicing his head off clean. The head thunked to the ground and rolled into the hole she assumed he burrowed out of. She jumped off the corpse and sheathed her sword. 'Great. I wanted food and I got more blood on my sword...How convenient' She thought, slowly trudging back to the inn.


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