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Mental-Physical Training, All can Join.

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Mental-Physical Training, All can Join.

Post by Emiko Kurama on Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:59 am

Emiko wondered through the woods, staring at the trees and leaves. A notepad in her hand, a pen in the other. She murmured words and wrote them down, staring at the free clouds. She looked ahead of her to see the training grounds. Emiko ran forth and jumped on a log, crossing her legs and focusing her mind energy and chakra. She heard a russle in the forest, but carried on meditating. She breathed deeply and peacefully, smiling as she did. She heard a crunch, one eye opened and stared at every corner possible to see and saw a dark figure. She clenched her eyes closed and hld her hands in front of her, middl fingers touching and them both laying horizontally in the air. Emiko smiled again, thinking of her day. But, then she felt a prescence near her.
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