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Itake Kyuubi

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Itake Kyuubi

Post by Itake Kyuubi on Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:04 am

Character Name: Itake Kyuubi

Desired Bloodline: ( N/A )

Desired Starting Element: Fire

Desired Village: Leaf

Age: 15

Desired Rank: Genin


Character Personality: Itake Kyuubi is a quiet ninja he doesn't talk much thats a weird thing cause nobody knows why Itake doesn't talk much not even his own siblings or parents. Itake is a strong, smart genin. Itake is still young but in his mind he feels like he's 17 yrs old. Years past so fast for him. Itake Kyuubi imagines he can become a strong intelligent ninja

Background Info: Itake Kyuubi never ever got to meet his own parents they abandoned Itake a birth he was a orphan but one day a family adopted him instead of living hisself alone. But without knowing the family that adopted him was his stepmother and stepfather Exclamation Itake was only 8 at that time he was a quiet stepson. After knowing Itake's last name the family figured out that they were their stepfather and stepmother. Since all of them figured it out Itake lived his life with the stepparents instead of their actual parents. From then on Itake went to the ninja academy and tained to become a genin he passed he never failed anything in his life not even a test. In 5 years of full training Itake got promoted to genin he lived a nice life after on and became a great shinobi.

Rp sample: ( N/A )
Itake Kyuubi
Itake Kyuubi

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