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Kaji Nara

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Kaji Nara

Post by Kaji Nara on Sun Dec 13, 2009 9:47 pm

Name : Kaji Nara

Desired Bloodline: Sharingan

Clan: Nara

Desired Element: Fire

Desired Village : Konohagakure

Age: 15

Desired Rank: Genin

Appearance: Same as avatar

Character Personality: Kaji is a very intelligent having an I.Q. of over 200, much like his ancestor

Shikamaru Nara. Kaji is also quite caring, and is ready to jump into action when needed. Unlike most

Kids his age Kaji's resolve is much stronger, even during the most depressing or dangerous of

situations. he is very determined and understanding of others. On the Battle field or while on

Missions in general Kaji Becomes a cold and stoic. this demeanor is a result of insomnia brought

about by be away from home.

Background Info:
Kaji's Parents were placed on the same team as genin. Ayame Uchia thought little of her teammates

at first. the Nara was a bookworm and the Akimichi was typical of his clan, chubby and had a one

track mind. as the years progressed their sensie introduced them to the ways of interrogation.

Team 13 became the go to people when enemies were keeping secrets, Ryouken Nara kept people

in place with his Shadow Possession Jutsu while kyohando Akimichi would inflict physical pain and

Ayame would attack the mind with Genjutsu and Sharingan. In time Ryouken and Ayame married

and so was born Kaji. Kaji grew up in a house full of books he quickly became an avid reader. he

quickly mastered the basic taijutsu katas and the academy jutsus before entering. he graduated

the same year. he was 10. it was during his first mission outside of the village that Kaji noticed he

could not sleep while not within village walls this prevents him from preform to the best of his ability

on field missions. the insomnia that he incurs alters his demeanor making him cold towards others.

Kaji assumes this is just homesickness.
Kaji Nara
Kaji Nara

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