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Raiden Susanoo

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Raiden Susanoo

Post by Raiden Susanoo on Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:35 pm

Character Name: Raiden Susanoo

Desired Bloodline: N/A

Desired Starting Element: Water, Lightning

Desired Village: Kirigakure

Age: 19

Desired Rank: Genin

Appearance: same as Avatar

Personality: Raiden is be mature for his age, and to have great self-control. He is Polite and

respectful to those deserving. He tends to be silent taking time to evaluate his surroundings,

preferring not to waste his breath on trivial things. Some may refer to his demeanor as Cold or

Stoic. In battle, he is able to stay relatively calm in most situations and carefully look at the

situation at hand. Raiden has excellent instincts, on the battlefield. When faced to make difficult

decisions on missions, he shows himself able to make a decision through keen observation and

analysis and feed back from his teammates.

Background Info: Raiden's mother was of the Nara Clan she was assigned a long term mission to

mission Spy on the Hidden Mist Village by the previous Hokage. It was on this mission that she met

Ao Susanoo Elite Jonin of Mist the two quickly hit it off and not long into the mission Amy Nara

became Pregnant. After giving birth and seeing her Raiden's first birthday Amy was recalled to

Konohagakure the old Kage had died and the council was appointing a new one all missions assigned

by the now deceased Hokage were terminated and all ninja were to return to th village or be

labeled missing Nin. Rather than have her true identity be discovered by Ao, Amy fled under the

cover of night back to her village leaving behind her Lover and Son. Years later Raiden's Parents

would meet on the battle field neither fought each other however they both died that day. Raiden

was 8. He entered the academy at the age of 12 and took the Genin Exam a year later killing 7 of

his classmates using Silent Homicide Technique taught to him by His father prior to his death.

Raiden is lazy when it comes to his ninja career as his rank has not changed in four years he has

only taken the Chunin exams once . . . his team failed to pass the second round of exam due to the

death of a teammate.

(just thought I would add this as well)
Jutsus mastered:
Chakra Absorption Technique=Chakra Kyūin Jutsu
Clone Technique=Bunshin no Jutsu,
Shadow Clone Technique=Kage Bunshin no Jutsu
Water Clone Technique=Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu
Water Prison Technique=Suirō no Jutsu
Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique=Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu
Water Release: Water Dragon Blast Technique=Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu
Water Release: Water Encampment Wall=Suiton: Suijinheki
Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration = Raiton: Kangekiha
Lightning Release Shadow Clone = Raiton Kage Bunshin
Lightning Release Armor = Raiton no Yoroi
Art of Hiding in the Mist = Kirigakure no Jutsu
Silent Homicide Technique = Muon Satsujin Jutsu
Raiden Susanoo
Raiden Susanoo

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Village : Kirigakure
Bloodline/Clan : Last of the Susanoo

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