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Isseiryu (WIP)

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Isseiryu (WIP)

Post by Isseiryu on Tue Jun 02, 2009 7:54 pm

Character Name: Isseiryu

Desired Bloodline: [Not yet decided]

Desired Starting Element: Earth (From former Iwagakure Residence)

Desired Village: Amegakure

Age: 11

Desired Rank: Chuunin

Appearance: Later

Character Personality: He strives to develop himself, mind and body, with all his efforts. He believes strongly in loyalty and knowledge. Drilled into him from even younger ages, he appreciates the value of calmness and logic, though death will often cause him to throw aside his teachings and fight with rage (As seen in background). He is fairly eccentric and competitive. (It's kinda disarrayed and non-linear in description, but I'm kinda brain-dead at the moment)

Background Info:

Early Life

He grew up in Iwagakure, parented by a couple who were influential in a few smaller, surrounding civilian villages, though they were shinobi. It was for that that he too, enrolled in the Academy early, to follow in their footsteps. He lived for several peaceful years, and was nearing completion of his last year as a slightly above average student, when disaster struck. Under the order of Amegakure's tyrant, Seraph of the Rain came and assassinated his parents. At first, he was terribly furious at the man, and attacked him in a blind rage, not caring whether he'd live nor die, though the situation was explained to him, and he stopped. Though he was still saddened by his loss, and still somewhat angry at Seraph, the majority of his rage shifted over to the Amekage. Thus, he spent a few more hours in Iwa, to gather his things while Seraph continued other jobs, as he also snuck into the Academy library and stole a few basic scrolls, so he would have something to work on. Then, he left for Ame, hoping to join Ame's soon to be liberator in the fight against it's Kage. As he was still technically a civilian, not having yet graduated the Academy, he was not declared a missing-nin.

Arrival in Amegakure

When he arrived, he wanted to join the fight against the tyrant, though he was ultimately convinced against it, as he was still too weak, and would probably die in the first fight. Resignedly, he set himself to studying his scrolls and training himself with much fervor as to possibly be strong enough to fight before it was over, and to thus, have his own share of revenge. Though he trained his hardest in an attempt to be included, the war was over and he had not managed to do anything. With peace, and a non-corrupt Kage, he registered for the final year in Amegakure's academy and soon graduated, officially becoming a genin. Since he had taken a long training break in the middle, he possessed more strength and was thus near the top of the class in graduation. Following that, he trained under both a jounin sensei, and Seraph himself, who had taken him in.


A few months passed, and he gained enough power to qualify for the Chuunin exams. That particular time, it was hosted in Iwa, allowing him to visit his original home. He prayed at his parent's graves, and vowed to be great. The promise empowered him, as he passed the exam with flying colors, and became officially a Chuunin. He returned to Amegakure with his team and they celebrated their success. Since then, he had worked less with them, though he still considers them close friends.


Rp sample: (I guess I'll do something from the background)

Walking along with his team, he entered the arena for the traditional tournament of the Chuunin exam. Looking around at the hundreds, if not thousands, of cheering spectators, he allows himself a small grin. He would prove himself worthy of advancing. He looked at his teammates, and they returned his glances. With determined looks, they made a silent vow that they would all graduate. As the cries died down, all the competitors rose to the waiting area. He watched the first two fighters for a few moments, then he went over to his opponent and struck a conversation.

From his visual analysis, he noted his opponent was an Iwa genin. He made note of it, as he would then know to not call his techniques, since the names would cause him to lose the element of surprise. He also noted the genin's body shape. He guessed, from the way the muscles were proportioned, that the boy was more of a powerhouse, and so, he would need to dodge most of the attacks. Fortunately for him, it seemed that his opponent was a bit slow, physically, if not mentally.

From the tone of voice, he deduced that his opponent was fairly confident of his victory, and it didn't deter his hypothesis when his opponent slightly bragged to him. He simply nodded and smiled, though he felt that the other person was not very ninja-like, as the candidate was revealing all his skills to him. He ended the conversation with a simple wish of goodwill, as he walked off, smirking. He hoped his opponent was not actually very deceptive, though by listening to others, he felt assured his assumption was correct.

Following that, he sat at the edge, observing the fight, but more importantly, the terrain. The area was fairly simple, though it was designed to be (fairly) fair to all competitors. The air was not too hot, and would thus not increase fire techniques, nor deter water ones. The floor was solid rock, of course, Iwa would want a slight advantage for their teams. He smiled as this would also translate to an advantage for him. There was a pond in the middle of the area as well. There was a light breeze blowing, as he sat with the wind blowing his hair for a moment, satisfied. Then, concluding his 'scan', he 'tasted' the air and found it was somewhat humid.

Several fights passed, and it was finally his turn. He descended quickly, and soon faced his opponent. His opponent stood taller than him, and spoke condescendingly to him, even mentioning an 'easy victory'. Not yielding to the verbal attacks, he returned to his smiling and nodding, and in the inverse, annoyed the heck out of the other genin. The powerhouse charged, and he sidestepped the blow, then lashed out with a fist and backhanded the other genin in the head. Though it hurt him, he didn't take much damage as he was moving in that direction, though he flew a few meters away. Taking the time, he moved quickly.

He quickly did handseals, and used a simple technique, the Academy clone technique. He created 10 copies, then he casted a genjutsu to cause himself to appear invisible. He charged at the opponent, who had finally risen, as he began an assault of clones. His opponent grew confused, and even more annoyed as he swiped his fists at the clone, though as they were simply illusions, his fists passed through. He then decided to end the battle. Smirking, he created an earth pillar while the genin was still distracted, and one shot up at a fast speed and slammed into the other genin's crotch. As he was a male, needless to say, he doubled over in pain, as he ended the fight with a quick attack to the back of the revealed neck. He released all his techniques, as he was hailed as the winner. Returning to the waiting area, he was congratulated by his teammates, who had also all won. He sat down and took a break, before striking a conversation with his next opponent...

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Re: Isseiryu (WIP)

Post by Seraph on Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:27 pm

Approved putting you in groups now

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