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Oime No Kyo

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Oime No Kyo

Post by Oime No Kyo on Wed Dec 02, 2009 9:23 pm

Name:nickname:Oime No Kyo Real name:Suzake Mahora
Starting Element:Fire
Desired Village:Leaf
Appearance:my avatar
Personality:Always quite and almost never speaks.Hates school and loves to stay home and skip it.In his free time he practices jutsu,plays sports,and sets pranks.He likes setting pranks because no one ever thinks he does it.Willing to give his life for the people he loves and cares the most about them.
Background:Born in the hidden leaf.His relatives and clan is unknown but clans offer him to join them because of his elite superiority.He has a dream to become God Of Shinobi.
Oime No Kyo
Oime No Kyo

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