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Emiko Kurama

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Emiko Kurama

Post by Emiko Kurama on Fri Nov 27, 2009 6:29 pm

Character Name: Emiko Kurama

Desired Bloodline: The Kurama Clan

Desired Starting Element: Earth

Desired Village: Konohagakure

Age: 15

Desired Rank: Genin

Appearance: Emiko Kurama has long spiked red hair and green eyes, she wears a long-open-sleeved black dress with a red belt and red frills by the bottom, ebove her knee. Around her waist is a blue Katana, she wears black leggings and black open-toed boots. The Konohagakure symbol was wrapped around her neck with a neck-band.

Character Personality: Emiko Kurama is known as an eccentric, bubbly type of girl. She helps people laugh with her funny and witty come-backs and is always there to help. Emiko has a kind heart from afar but as people start to become closer to her, she starts to show her true lonely self. Emiko is easily excited and can become irresponsible at important times. Emiko is charming and warm, she will get along with almost anyone. She is confident, self assured and capable, unable to be intimidated easily. Emiko uses enthusiasm to let people trust her, she is a seeker and keeper of knowledge. Emiko keeps secrets she finds and stops gossip being spread. Emiko is easily distracted and finds it hard to focus on multiple subjects, she uses most of her time daydreaming, thinking or planning. Most of the time Emiko puts too much pressure on herslef to help her friends or to finish missions, usually when this happens she causes chaos and blames herself. Emiko is gracious and amicable. At night, while the sun sets she becomes a calm and peaceful person, changing her personality completely.

Background Info: Emiko Kurama is an orphan who had been left and disowned by her clan.
Childhood Arc: Emiko Kurama was born alike to her ancestors, Emiko Kurama had inherited the clan's kekkai genkai. Emiko, at the young age of four, uncovered the kekkai genkai not knowing the full consiquences. She believed it was all fun and games, not realising the truth. Emiko's family became worried for her when she started painting unusual dark objects and pictures, some were horrific while others shouted unusual. The family took Emiko to a therapist and the therapist recommended that Emiko should live within the Konohagakure hospital for a few months.

Emiko stayed at the hospital but when she came out, hatred and murderous eyes were always laid upon her. Her parents blamed her for unusual murders, her friends didn't want her, everyone she knew hated her living body. Emiko became confused within years passing when she was bullied. Her family came through problems, her family started tearing apart because of the kekkai genkai. Depression and anger was carried through her family, Emiko couldn't control her feelings. Then, one day, she was bullied so much that they rushed her to hospital. Her parents couldn't take the shame and depression of their unworthy daughter. She couldn't control the kekkai genkai like her ancestors, they believed that she didn't deserve it. So, one night, when Emiko came home from the hospital, they planned her death.

The parents had sneaked into her room but they never came out. When Emiko woke that morning, her parents were beside her, knives in eachothers hands, their faces both looked at eachothers, blood was covering the floor.

Academy arc: When Emiko reached six, she joined the Academy. She was an orphan, her parents dying the year before. Emiko had blocked up her emotions, deciding to let them never show. However, Emiko didn't keep to her decision. Emiko became friends quickly, all the other children in her clan going to a special school, only for people with 'futures'. Emiko's new friends didn't know about her kekkai genkai, but the teachers did. They all treated her different from the other students, giving her chances and trying to help her. Whenever this happened, students wanted to know more about her. Things stayed quiet, no-one knew about her past, until a class bully looked at her permanent files and folders.

Emiko was ten when he told everyone, the clan had tried to keep her a secret, make her unknown but the class bully thought otherwise. He told his friends who spread it throughout the school, throughout the town. The Kurama clan became ashamed again, the town had found out about their unworthy child. The main branches decided on one thing, disownment. Emiko kept her home, her items and money. But, the Kurama clan showed their disownment, no-one talked to her, even some small children threw stones at her. She believed, her life

RP sample: Emiko stared at the kunai, spinning around her finger. She sat on the church towers rooftop, the sun started setting. A paint set sat beside her with an A3 pad. Emiko pushed the kunai into her bag. She turned her head rapidly to one side, moving her hair to one side of her face. Emiko picked up her paint brush, within her paint set, and rested the A3 pad on her knees. Emiko stared at the brightly coloured sky, reds, pinks, yellows and purples shown in the sky. She closed her eyes, Let your emotions go.... She closed her eyes, her hand moving automatically. The view showed in her mind, the sun setting. After, what seemed like three minutes, she opened her eyes. The sun had set, the moon was up, she stared at her painting. Black, grey and white... Emiko clenched her hands and breathed deeply. She closed the pad and placed the paint brush and paints in the paint set, she jumped off the building.

Her walk home seemed boring, she counted her steps. She reached her house and saw two boys standing at her gate, as usual. They muttered insults at her as she entered her home. Emiko chucked her art work on her dining room table and walked into her backgarden, sitting underneath her cherry tree. On both sides sat gravestones, her parents. Emiko closed her eyes and a silent tear fell under her closed eyes. She had to see the Hokage tomorrow, for her mission. Hopefully, she thought, it will be a suicide-mission.

Emiko left that morning, running past the two boys at her gate, gripping her Katana. Within five minutes, she was outside the Hokages office. Staring at the pictures of them all, all the previous and great Hokages. Today she saw the 7th, again. She knocked, gently. A strong 'Come in,' came through the door. She opened it and walked inside, as quiet as possible. The Hokage looked up and smiled. 'Ahh, Emiko. My trusty friend, how're you on this fine day?' He asked Emiko, softly. Emiko stood infront of his desk.

'I am amazing, Hokage-sama!' She spoke and giggled afterwards. 'How're you today?' The Hokage nodded.

'I am good. Right Emiko, I have called you here for your mission. Right?' He asked. Emiko nodded, smiling. 'Your mission is a group-mission, you will not be working alone this time.' Emiko nodded, her smile staying the same while her mind moaned. 'You will be working with your previous group and an extra helping hand. Sakura Haruno is your leader, you will meet her by the front gates now. Goodbye Emiko, Sakura will explain it all.' The Hokage said, waving his hand to the door and looking at his paperwork.

Emiko stared at Sakura, her short pink hair and green eyes. They both looked alike, partly. Emiko leaned against the front gates, waiting for her team. She stared at the sky, her eyes blanking and her face showing no emotion. Sakura looked at her and frowned. Emiko looked at the birds, flying free, the clouds, floating free. She felt like a bird trapped in a cage. Emiko closed her eyes, flashes of her parents showed. She heard a gasp. Emiko opened her eyes and growled at the sight. Her fists clenched as she glared at his face, her teeth stuck together in anger. Her team had arrived with the extra helping hand. Sakura grabbed Emiko's hands and pulled them together, keeping her from jumping. Her sworn enemy stared at her and smiled. He walked up to Emiko and tapped the side of her face. 'Why is he here!?!?' She screamed at her team and Sakura. Her team mates looked away, unable to see her anger.

'Emiko, please calm down!' Sakura shouted at her. Emiko nodded and closed her eyes. Her mind closed, she couldn't let it be open with him around her.
Emiko Kurama
Emiko Kurama

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