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Bikou's New Character Registry Page

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Bikou's New Character Registry Page

Post by Bikou Reido on Thu Jul 23, 2009 10:18 pm

Character Name: Bikou Reido Uchiha

Desired Bloodline: Uchiha {Tamoe 3}

Desired Starting Element: Wind and Fire

Desired Village: Sunagakure

Age: 15

Desired Rank:

Appearance: Avatar Pic

Character Personality: Bikou hates the thought of a being alone. He will do whatever it takes to keep his friends and family safe. He is very stubborn. When he starts something he will keep doing it until it is done. He has learnt how to ignore most stupid comments but has the capability of killing someone. Even though he hates being alone he works better alone at times.

Background Info: When he was born his parents were killed. He was looked after by 4 brothers and 1 sister. Each one them was born with an element assigned to them, except for his sister, she was more like a medic ninja. His family was all ninjas.
By the age of 10 he began training to be a ninja. He had the speed and accuracy but didnt believe that doing work was necessary. His sister died from a sickness that hardened the lungs. After that his brothers left their seperate ways and left him to look after their home. Before his eldest brother left he taught him how to use a katana. He has had that sword since that day. A war had broken out 2 years after his brothers left and he was forced 2 leave as well. He's an orphan now. He was forced to steal and he fixed in his mind that if it came to it he would kill whoever threatened him. For the next three years he had been traveling the land looking for his brothers only to find that 2 of them were dead. Now he wants to become a ninja to avenge his brothers.

He traveled to the village hidden in sand to train his element of wind. He was surprised by some genin that had bumped into him and he killed them. After that there were chunnin and jounin out on the search for him. He hid for some time, but he had to come out eventually, and thats what he did. When he left his small house that he had there he bumped into one of the jounin that was looking for him. When the jounin realized who Bikou was he attacked. Bikou barely escaped his attacks and then out of pure luck he killed the sand ninja. The current kazekage was seriously pissed now. Bikou packed his things and was on his way out of the village and kazekage caught him. He was trapped in one of the kazekage's jutsu. The kazekage could have easily killed Bikou, but he didnt. He let him go and told Bikou if he was to ever set foot in the village hidden in the sand, he would be killed.

Now he was on his way to the village hidden in the leaves. He reached his destination. He headed straight to the academy. It didnt take Bikou very long for him to become a chunnin. He was pissed. The entire time he was there no one could help him more than what he already knew. So he went to the hokage and said they didnt have anything for him there, so he left. Now he was on his way to the sound village.
He made and bumped into a sound ninja that said that he could help him with his element. They trained for months. The ninja told him that if Bikou could defeat him, he would tell Bikou a secret, and Bikou hated secrets, so they fought. Bikou had a little bit more chakara than his mentor (supposedly) and he told Bikou the secret. The next thing you know Bikou is crying. Turns out that his mentor was his brother all along.

They lived together and Bikou was finally happy, but it didnt last. His brother was sent on a mission and never came back. Now Bikou was finally sickened to his stomach. He is now fully convinced that if any ninja gets in his way he will kill them. In his mind he said it still wouldnt be enough to make up for his family dying.

Rp sample: Bikou is running through a forest looking for a missing ninja that he was assigned to capture. Honestly I don't see why I had to do this but ok, he thought while running. As he is running he notices the ninja that he was supposed to capture. The ninja was talking to himself "If I set up these high explosives here, there and there then the entire forest will burn down." As Bikou was listening to the ninja he realized that he had to stop him, but he only had a few materials to work with. When he checked his bag he only had three kunai, four shurikens, a flash bomb, and five explosive tags. Crap, Bikou thought while putting the bag on the ground. I guess this will have to do. Bikou then activates his sharigan. Bikou had his third tamoe and he was hoping he could put it to use.

Bikou was now behind a tree behind the missing-nin. "Looks like I have some company," the ninja whispered to himself. "I should give him a gift." The ninja threw 10 kunai each attached with a explosive tag at the tree Bikou was hiding behind. When Bikou realized that the missing-nin threw the kunai he tried to get away from the tree, but didn't make in time and the blast knocked him at least 10ft away from where he was originally standing. Bikou got up and grabbed everything out of his bag and ran towards the missing-nin. First Bikou throws the flash bomb right in front of the other ninja. Now I got you, he was thinking. Next the missing ninja jumped into the air blindly and Bikou was right behind him. Bikou threw two of his shurikens at the ninja and they pierced him in the back. Finally he attached the explosive tags to the remaining shurikens and three kunai. Bikou then threw the shuriken in front of the ninja and the kunai behind him. The missing-nin then dropped to the ground with both his front and back burnt. "This isn't over just yet." He told Bikou. The next thing Bikou hears is an explosion coming from above him.

Bikou looks up and sees a trunk beginning to fall on him. The only thing he could think of was grabbing the missing ninja and getting out of the way, so he grabs the ninja quickly and runs. Just barely making it he sits the missing-nin down and rest for a little bit. Just then Bikou notices that his left arm was burnt from the explosive tags that the ninja had thrown at him earlier. He was in some pain but he knew he had to get back to village. "Well this mission was a sucess," he said out loud. "Time to go back home." Bikou then picks up the missing-nin and throws him over his shoulder and starts to head back to his village when the ninja hanging over his shoulder yelled, "Hey! Try not to be so rough! I am severly burnt if you havn't noticed!" Bikou ignored his passenger's comment and kept going feelling successful.

As Bikou was heading back to his village he noticed that someone was following him. He turned around and yelled, "Who's there?" When he looked around he saw a sound ninja. Ninja looked at Bikou and said, "I guess I should have been more quiet huh? Well I have made myself seen and you should know my name, for it shall be the last name you will ever hear!" Bikou was out of ninja tools, but he had to fight him.

"The name Zeke," he said to Bikou. The ninja rushed toward Bikou. Bikou sat the missing-nin he had over his should onto the ground and backed away from Zeke. Bikou then activated his sharigan. As Zeke was in the face of Bikou, he looked into his eyes and was caught in trans of Bikou's sharingan. Bikou then used a uchiha technique, Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes! Zeke then thought that he was pierced by stakes and unable to move. Zeke then dropped to the ground. "That took alot out of me but it was worth it to get this guy off my back," Bikou said while looking at the ninja on the ground spazzing out. Bikou picked up the missing-nin that he was originally supposed bring to his village and left Zeke on the floor to suffer. "Damn you!" Zeke said right before Bikou left. "I'm ashamed of you, but a mission is a mission and you have failed." Those were Bikou's last words to Zeke.
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