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Arival to the Cloud

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Arival to the Cloud

Post by Gabriel Kenetsu on Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:35 pm

Gabriel and the boatmaster arrives at the dock on the mountain side. He thanks the boatmaster and then grabs his stuff and gets off the boat. Looking around he begins to notice how clear the skys are, and how quiet it is. A few birds fly beside him and land on a nearby tree.

"I've never seen mountains so calm and peaceful. I should really get going though, my master awaits me in a different village. I thank you again boatmaster for the ride but I shal take it by foot from here."

Gabriel begins walking as the boatmaster speaks from a distance.

"Your welcome stranger, be careful out there."

Gabriel nods and keeps walking. He finds a path that leads up the mountain and looks around as the path seems to have been used recently. He starts walking as his final destination to see his master is getting that much closer.
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