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Yu Kaito

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Yu Kaito

Post by Hoshiko on Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:08 pm

Character Name: Yu Kaito

Desired Bloodline: none

Desired Starting Element: Fire

Desired Village: Kumagakure

Age: 19

Desired Rank: Whatever, you can determine from Sample. Preferably jounin ^^"

Appearance: Avatar

Character Personality: ...He's a jerk. He likes to think he's bigger, better and stronger than everyone else. And In some cases that may be true. In his mind he is god and everyone else are his slaves.

Friends are a thing of the past. He Socializes with people but not as a friend, usually in business. (That good?)

Background Info: He grew up in a normal basic family full of shinobi. He grew up with friends and foes just like most people.
He wasn't an orphan or some mental case that was left behind after war. He was....Normal. But he lost all his memory of his life after a tragic accident. He was at The Academy when a terrible accident happened, The building collapse after another student failed a Phoenix Fire Jutsu. He was placed in a coma from the age of 10 to the age of 12. Two full years he was in a coma and when he woke up most of the village had left and his parent's had died from old age. The Doctors told him none of this as they though he would have a nervous break down. So they lied and made up a story. telling him that he was found at the village gates and was to be a medical ninja to help the hospital

He didn't believed them and hated the idea of becoming a medical ninja, so he fled the village looking for a new life, to start fresh.

After bout 4 years Yukaito joined the village of sound and had changed socially into what he is today. His past of a social butterfly was nothing more than a memory that didn't even exist in his mind So he wanders the earth fighting and battling others to become known around the world by even the strongest of ninjas

Rp sample: (quoted from I'm lazy XP

The Grounds were saturated with water spray from across the village as the ravishingly extensive Waterfall tumbles in the background. The grass was thick and pure green, flowers stood upright with no sign on illness or imperfection. The tree's were marvelous objects standing tall around the field, with their lushes green leaves. Birds were out in the misty haze flapping their wings clean. The waterfall Village Was amazing, it's life and floral was just astonishing to view.

Yukaito ambled into the area with his equipment loosely flung over his right shoulder, A red line across his left showed he wasn't always carrying it across his right shoulder.
He reached the shelter of a tree and dumped the equipment across the tree's base between two large roots. Yukaito knelt into the muddy surface and rummaged through the bag looking for
3 targets, Kunai and some shuriken.

I think I will do some target practice, I need to work on my projectile aptitude(skilllessness)

He found the first target and tacked it onto the tree above his equipment, Another on a tree behind that and one deep in the tree's mangled branches for a more technical shot. He continued to search through the cloth bag until he found a leather projectile pouch he usually has hooked onto his outfit. He walked a few paces in front of the targets and took out a hand's worth of shuriken as being his favorite. He took a step forward and swung his arm forward, with a flick of his wrist he released the shuriken and guided them into the target. In this moment Yukaito paused and thought,

If I can manipulate the snow why not put a thin layer of ice across the shuriken that would be almost invisible to people from a distance, let alone while it's spinning. Using this I could be more accurate and pull of some fancy shots.

He pulled out only one shuriken this time and froze a thin layer of clear ice across the metal, He stood back and lunged forward letting the icy kunai fly through the mist cutting a trail as it continued it's path forward. It was seconds away from impact when he focused his chakra into the icy layer and swayed his arms to the right, The projectile missed the first target as he swayed his arms back and the Shuriken slammed into the second target positioned behind the first, the impact shattering the ice of the metallic surface in a miniature eruption.

Yukaito walked over to the first target slowly wedging the shuriken out of the cork Target. He placed them back into his pouch so they could be reused in his training. He walked over to the next Shuriken, This was the one he had modified. It was buried further in than the others but the icy remnants the didn't fall off acted like a lubricant helping it just slide out. Yukaito placed this one back into the pouch along with the others and chuckled to himself.

"These Things don't grow on trees. I gotta keep on reusing them."

Yukaito stood back in the same place as I was before, It was marked out by the foot prints were the shoes had sunk into the moist soil. He clicked the button and pulled out a kunai, Using the same icing method he used the misty air to cover the kunai's metallic surface.

Wait, When I quickly read through the dotou scroll I noticed that Snow blade jutsu. Maybe if i feed my chakra into the ice the same way it does in that jutsu I could make a manipulable and super sharp kunai or shuriken.

Yukaito placed the Kunai away and went rummaging through his cloth bag again. He pulled out a long scroll and started reading through it. When he found the right jutsu he placed it across the tree's base and begun practicing. Yuki Yaiba Was the jutsu he was thinking of. He did the seals and a pillar of snow raised beside him. as the misty air froze beneath himself.
He firmly grasped the blades handle and snapped it from the pillar as it crumbled and turned back into water witch soaked into the ground.

He took in the information from making that jutsu and fed it into his mind, he let the blade crumble and packed his object into the box leaving only the targets and his kunai left. He stood up ready
to take another shot at his aiming and icing of the metal projectile

Yukaito Held the Kunai above his head as his chakra slowly flowed from the tip's of his fingers into the icy skin covering the kunai. He took a firm grip as he looked carefully at the most technical targets of the three. He used his eyes to carefully map out the direction he would need to manipulate the kunai to bend in order for it to make a clean swift hit. He spun his leg out to the side and then took a step forward lunging with his body and releasing the kunai with a swift, simple flick of his wrist.

The blade cut through the mist as Yukaito begun to sway his arms. Left, then right, then left again between the branches the kunai would fly. Yukaito kept focus of his chakra controlling the kunai through it's flight. The Kunai made impact on the Targets edge! The sharpened blade sliced through the inch of cork perfectly and clean into the wooden body of the branch behind it.
Yuka Lept into the air clicking his heals in joy as his rose his fist in victory and success.

"Yes! My idea worked. I guess I'm better at this, Projectile Skill Than i originally though! all I needed to do was use my clan's Kekkie Genkai To my advantage."

Yukaito ran to the target and puled it of so he could get the kunai lodged in the tree. He pulled it out and ran to the other two and pulled them down and placed them into the cloth bag along with all his scrolls and other equipment.


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