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Hakushin's Training(Normal and Custom Jutsu)

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Hakushin's Training(Normal and Custom Jutsu)

Post by Hakushin Senku on Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:20 pm

Haku walked into the rain covered area. The area was in a clearing were it was surronded by trees to give himself the perfect place to train. The rain was unexpected at this time, but he could manage. He was gonig to train lightning jutsu, but with the suddenly storm. He could train Earth release jutsu. He smiled as he wasn't wearing a shirt, and his bloodseals covered his upper body. He walked over to a tree, and changed into some shorts. He placed his Leather pants and boots were they wouldn't get wet, and he took off his Ironsand bag also. He threw it down next tot he clothes and walked backout into the rain.

Haku sits down and begins to think of what jutsu he should perfect first. He smiles as he begins handsigns. He does the tigar sign with left and te ox witht he right. Then, he adjusts them together with ox over tigar. "Earth Release, Earth Style Wall!" He shoots out mud from his mouth that hardens. He steps backa nd looks at the wall, and see it only covers up to his stomach. He shook hishead knowing it needed to be better.

"Well, That is totally not right. Needs to be much bigger."

Haku did the handsigns again. This time thinking of the size and shape of the wall he wanted. He finished the handsigns, and yelled" Earth Release, Earth Style Wall!" He fired out more mud this time that shaped into a round shape in front of him, but it barely covered his body. The sheild was also very thin. It couldbe punched through. He sighed and shook his head again. He looked at the wall, and it was excatly how he thought it up. Ar ound sheild that was surpposed to be thick enough to block most attacks, but it was paper thin. He need more chakra or something. He had to think for a moment on what he could do to make it better.

"To thin. Come on. Haku your a jounin for crying out loud. You can do better then this by far."

Haku knocked downt he walls, and started the handsigns again. He focused on the size, chakra used for it, the shape, and how thick it would be. "Earth Release, Earth Style Wall!" He took a huge breath, and when he breathed out. He shot mud from his mouth. The mud began to make the wall very thick. The shape was just like any other wall. Yet, the wall was just barely over his head. He needed to make a huge wall out in front of him that could block high level jutsu. He sat down to catch his breath real quick as he talked to himself.

"Great, this is goin to be a failure. I need to step it up a bit. The wall will be tested in a fight of course. Yet, i need ot perfect it first. That one wa good, but it needs to be biggier. It also neds to be farther in front of me. I wantto perfect this quickly. So, a couple mor times should do it."

Haku stood up again. The rain kept pouring down in the trainign area. His hair wa completely soaked with rain. His silver eyes scaned the area once again. His clothes and bag were still dry under the tree. He began the handsigns and finished with ease. "Earth Release, Earth Style Wall!" He yelled and took a huge breath. When he blew out. The mud shot out in front of him. Yet, it gained some distance. The wall shot up to well over his end and it was kinda thick. Over all it was a good try.

He walked up to the wall that was about 5 yards in front of him, and knocked on it. The wall didn't crack. Haku smirked to himself. he punched the wall, and it cracked big time. he jumped back as it fell to the ground. Haku landed easily and chuckled. He was happy with that last walls size, shape, and distance, but the thickness needed work. He walked back tot eh spot he started out,a dn sat down again. He needed ro rest. Doing a B Classede jutsu over and over again tired him out.

"Great, that was almost perfect. Yet, i need a little more distance, and thicknes. The size and shape were perfect."

Haku did the handsigns again. "Earth Release, Earth Style Wall!" He took a bigger breath then before, and blew it out. Mud flew fromhis mouth to a spot about 7 or 8 yars away. The mud hardened as the wall got bigger. The wall was huge, and the thickness was on the money. The shape was a little off, but he knew he could work on it. He had all the time in the world. He was training since his Kage disappeared. He really needed someone to help him train like his old freind from Mist.

"One last try. I can get it in this one. I just need to work on the Shape a little more. Come on Focus."

Haku did the handsigns again. The rain was still pouring down. The mud wall was getting wet again, but oh well. He finsihed the handsigns easily, and looked at the spot he waited to make the wall come up. "Earth Release, Earth Style Wall!" He took a huge breath, and blew out. Mud flew from his mouth again. This time it land at about 6 yards. This was plenty of room. THe mud hardened quickly into a towering wall. The thickness was very good. The shape adn size were good as well. The wall was hard to take on strong element jutsu, and it was all around perfect. Haku had learned and perfected the Earth Release, Earth Style Wall Jutsu. He smiled and did a handstand. He walked on his hands to the tree and layed down. he need to take a quick nap before starting on the next jutsu.
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