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Hisoka[Konoha Jounin]

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Hisoka[Konoha Jounin]

Post by Hisoka on Thu Jul 16, 2009 1:11 am

Character Name: Hisoka

Desired Bloodline: Uchiha

Desired Starting Element: Fire

Desired Village: Konoha

Age: 17

Desired Rank: Jounin


Character Personality: Hisoka is a very dark, twisted, and combat-loving guy. He strives for power and will do anything to get it. He likes to keep to himself and will usually only speak when someone else starts the conversation. Following the 'Act-first-think-later' phillosiphy, things don't always go his way.
Hisoka is also a very proud person. He often underestimates his opponnets and overestimates himself. He enjoys the thrill of a good fight, when in fights though, his anti-socialist personality changes completely; He will continuously taunt and belittle his opponnet. All for sheer enjoyment.

However, when around women Hisoka shows a completly different side. A compassionate and flirtatious side. A side that actually makes his appear kind, loving, and caring. A side that he can act out very well(Although, if he ever met "That special girl" he would no longer be acting).

Background Info: Hisoka was born into the Uchiha Clan, and enrolled into Ninja Academy at the age of five. After merely two years, Hisoka graduated at age seven. He was considered a "prodigy". He was given his forehead protector to signify his official status as a Konoha Genin, and placed into a squad of three headed by a Jounin. Hisoka spent three years as a Genin, participating in countless missions ranging from D-B rank, although there was only one B ranked mission. It was on this B ranked mission, that Hisoka's Kekkei Genkai was realized; He gained the first Tamoe of the Sharingan. Along from there, time seemed to fly. Hisoka became a Chuunin after successfully completing the B ranked Mission, and spent five years performing missions, unlocking the Second Tamoe of the Sharingan at age thirteen.

Hisoka became a Jounin at age Fifteen, and began to go on A and S-Ranked missions. At age sixteen, Hisoka's Sharingan continued to mature, unlocking the Third Tamoe. Hisoka continued his missions, refusing any optional missions that involved him working with a team.. He preferred to work and fight alone. Hisoka is seventeen now and strives to gain the Mangekyou Sharingan, well aware of what he must do to obtain it.

Rp sample: "Hisoka! H-hiroto! He's been kidnapped by the Espada and I don't know why. We have to go to Hueco Mundo and get him. Who knows what they will do to him!"

The familiar voice shattered Hisoka's thoughts, as everything around him; The Hollow, the two men behind him... Everything. EVERYTHING lost its relevence. Moments after hearing the statement that his son had been kidnapped, Hisoka was able to grasp one thing: Mayu had arrived moments before he had heard the aforementioned statement. No sooner than he had noticed her arrival, she had thrown herself into his arms; Her face buried into his chest as she wept. Mayu's hands clenched Hisoka's shirt as she cried continuously. Hisoka reacted on impulse alone, as all rational thought was but a memory to his confused mind. He wrapped his arms around Mayu, pulling her into a warm comforting embrace as Hisoka found his voice for the first time since being informed of the devestating news and instead of bombarding Mayu with questions, he spoke only comforting words, "It'll be alright, Mayu... We'll go to Hueco Mundo and get Hiroto, alright? But before we can do that you're gonna have to calm down.." A brief silence ensued, Hisoka's mind still in an explosion of panic, the pitter-patter of the rain was not noticed by he. "GODDAMN IT! I told'ja fuckin' this bitch would only lead the trouble! But did you listen to me?! FUCK NO!" The silence of Hisoka's thoughts were crushed by the explosion that was Jinteki's voice, causing all things foreign to the thought of Hiroto and Mayu to suddenly flood back into Hisoka's thoughts. Hisoka ended his embrace with Mayu, as he turned towards the two men once more, he could only hope Mayu had calmed down a bit compared to her original state. " As you should be able to tell--" Hisoka's statement to the two men was cut off as the Afroman from before went dashing by him, which slightly amused Hisoka regardless of the information he had just received. "Wait? How is he still alive?" Hisoka had briefly thought.


Hisoka's attention snapped back to the two men, as he heard the alien voice speak his name. It was the original man.. The one who had caused this mess. Cocaine suddenly laughed, the origin of this laugh unknown to Hisoka. Hisoka had nearly began to speak in response to the stranger speaking his name, but then Cocaine's arm suddenly shot towards the sky. Water flew out of the sleeve of the man, causing Hisoka to flinch in suprise.. Hisoka had never seen such a technique. Looking up to see the result, Hisoka saw the water wrap around a bat-like Gillian and quickly pull it to the ground. The torrent retracted up the sleeve of Cocaine, pulling the Hollow closer him. Hisoka didn't hear the exact conversation, but somehow the man had convinced the Gillian to open a Garganta. Hearing a comment about "Pampers" Hisoka. Cocaine spoke of who was the cause of this mess, and pointed at Hisoka.. There was no where in hell he was staying here much longer. What if a patrol Shinigami who's job was to gather intel instead of fighting overheard and went and got more Shinigami? He didn't have time for any simpleton Shinigami.. He had to get his son. With Cocaine's final statement, he had entered the Garganta he had the Menos open. Following close behind him, intending to go to Hueco Mundo as well, Hisoka stopped suddenly upon hearing yet another foreign voice.

""""I'm sorry to impose, I couldn't help but overhear your problem and butt in like I always do, he he. Anyways, it would appear that you need to get to Hueco Mundo but I assure you that it will be no easy task for the both of you. So, I propose we make a pact, or a deal as I like to put it. I will help you get into Hueco Mundo and you will help me... Errr kidnap one of the Espada for my own needs. Time is of the essence, we do not have a lot of it, and it doesn't matter who I am or where I came from... Only that I am your means to an end..right....So what do you say..hmmm?"""""

It was the other man, whose reiatsu had the same odd feelings as Cocaine's had. Seconds later, the man pulled an orb from his pocket. Moments later, another one of those... Things.. That seemed to accompany people like this man dated over and took its place next to the man. The man crushed the orb, as a Garganta ripped open. The Garganta Cocaine used.. There was no assurance it would lead to Hueco Mundo.. Hisoka elected to go with the latter formed Garganta, whether than the former. "Alright.. You've got a deal. I'll help you capture an Espada.. It would be greatly appreciated if you would help us further in accomplishing our goal by helping us fight some of the opposition.. Regardless, I accept your terms. You say your name is not important, but I will need to know something I can refer to you as.." Hisoka stated calmly as the rain continued, although the majority of the Hollow seemed to have been defeated.. Was it that girl from before? Regardless.. There was something more important at hand. "Mayu! Let's go get our son.." Hisoka suddenly called out to the woman he had left moments ago to allow her to compose herself. "As for you, Garganta Man, you call tell me what to adress you as once we arrive in Hueco Mundo.. We need to get out of here for now.." Hisoka said as he walked towards the Garganta, taking deep breathes as he closed the distance on his goal. He had traveled by Garganta in the past, and he despised it.. He felt as if he could not breathe while doing so, hence his deep breathing before entering. With one final substained breath, Hisoka emerged himself into the shadowy void known as Garganta, wondering only one thing... Where in Hueco Mundo would this lead to?

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Re: Hisoka[Konoha Jounin]

Post by Seraph on Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:18 am



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