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Joseph Hyuuga

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Joseph Hyuuga

Post by Joseph Hyuuga on Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:50 am

Character Name:Joseph

Desired Bloodline:Hyuuga

Desired Starting Element:fire

Desired Village:Leaf


Desired Rank:Genin

Appearance:My avatar is my appearance.

Character Personality: likes hand to hand combat,likes hand to hand sparring,likes learning new jutsu.He hardly smiles and always says "I will show you the true power of Uchiha.Always works on training his Kekei Genkai!And is obsessed with power.

Background Info: He hardly ever shows any form of affection.Does what it takes to keep his clan on top.His favorite food is an apple! His specialty is speed. Most of the time when he smiles its an evil smirk.

He works on reading his enemies attacks and timing. His nindo is to never let anyone down! His power increases in the slightest hint his friends maybe hurt. He shows no mercyagainst anyone he meets.He seldomly ever takes a break from his training. He beleives he can become the strongest in the universe if he works hard enough.

He is very childish though. He always gets into trouble for harmful and harmless pranks. He does a lot of jumping. He uses his chakra to protect himself. When ever he's in an intense form of rage his Clans Aura begins to kick in! He Knows where and when his opponent is going to strike! He always tries to increase his speed!

Rp sample:A spaceship crashes onto Earth. A huge crater is formed from the crash of the spaceship.An old man
notices a huge crater and decides to take out his shoalin pole. He dashes over to the hole ready to take on a new threat. But instead of a new threat he finds a saiyan spaceship with a baby inside.
He decides to take the infant home to live with him. But what awaits the man...

The man begins to regret what he just did cause all he heard was consistent crying from the baby.
"Waaaaaaah." "Please stop crying." "Waaaaaaaah!" "Please stop crying." "WAAAAAAAH!!!!"
"Please stop,Oh wait you must be hungry i'll be back.


A robber notices the old mans house and decides to take a look inside and notices the crying baby
and decides to kidnap the baby and charge a ransom for the babies return! He sneaks inside but the baby notices the robber and begins to show its true saiyan power he powers up and his hair begins to stick up,the baby dashes at the robber and performs a focus punch on the robber and kills him.


The Man returns only to see an infants over flowing with power and a dead man on the floor and the old man see's his potential to become an amazing martial artist so the man decides to train him.
"But first i must name you. I will name you Joseph."I shall teach you the kameha wave!"
Joseph Hyuuga
Joseph Hyuuga

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Re: Joseph Hyuuga

Post by Seraph on Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:35 am



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