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Talukra Hyuuga ;O

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Talukra Hyuuga ;O

Post by Talukra on Tue Jul 14, 2009 1:23 pm

Character Name: Must be the one in your profile so choose wisely
Talukra Nao Hyuuga

Desired Bloodline: This one is optional you dont need a bloodline to be a great ninja here.

Desired Starting Element:

Desired Village: What village you want to join

Age: make this believable people we dont want 5 year olds running around beating the crap out of 25 year olds.

Desired Rank: Chunnin

Appearance: a description or a picture will suffice.

Character Personality: Be detailed please this is more important than the background info
Happy, he believes in peace but he doesn't believe in justice, he fights for his own will and not ussialy for his friends. He is rather lazy and doesn't seem to find a good fight. He is quick to judge and will mock his opponent if it means a better fight. He will kill if he finds his pride and Honor in the way. But Talukra will always find a way to smile in the end. He pictures life as you live, you serve your perpose, then you die. He believes in no god. He finds that we were all brought to this world to serve a purpose that will end up helping the world in the end.

Background Info: Post as much info as you want but dont make it horribly vague.
Talukra was born within the Hyuuga family. He was said to be weak from the begining. He never liked going to the Ninja acedemy, he never had any friends and he was always teased on by the other kids due to his white eyes. Talukra lived a lonely life for a long time. And it seemed that each year more and more students attended his class. One day a fellow Hyuuga has joined his class. A girl by the name of...Momo? Talukra didn't know nor did he really care. After class he would ussially try and talk to her. Connect with the next heir of the Hyuuga. They became good friends yes.

After the Ninja Acedemy Talukra found himself learning the techniques of the average Hyuuga. Gental palm. It took him maybe a year or two untill it was finally mastered. Nothing happened in these years. He simply practiced and hung out with friends. Nothing to amazing right? At the age of 13 he was sent on a C Ranked mission. It was a normal excort from Kumogakure to Konaha. Allies or Enemys it didn't matter. Yet Talukra underwent mass amounts of pain. He opened his eyes and found himself under a Gen Jutsu. Release was an easy jutsu to use. But he didn't know it. He was dragged out of the Genjutsu from pain in the lower stomach area. From his team-mate.

A fight raged on for many hours. The Kumogakure ninjas versus some...rogue ninjas maybe? One team-mate was killed in this fight. It was a contant fight, in the end the person they where ment to excort was killed and the rogues strangly left. He went back to his village carried on by his Sensei. His team-mate was in bad condetion but he was good enough to walk. Yup, they made it to the village bloody. The mission was a failure yet it was all okay. A funeral came by the next week. Talukra held no emotion. He only smiled a wished to live life as happily as he could.

Once he was 17 he has entered the Chunnin Exams and has passed. He celebrated his with closest friends. Yet he only had one close friend, and he was okay with that. He was still happy. He never took any true interest in the Hyuuga moves. Untill now. He has to learn them quickly. Maybe he'll learn them with his best friend? Meh, who knows.

Rp sample: If you are applying for a rank above genin rank

Talukra twisted his right foot in a vertical formation. He leaned to the side as the punch was missed. Talukra could feel the wind going across his face. It was missed by mear inchs. Talukra opened his right palm as he thrusted it forward. It looked as if it was ment to hit his enemys hand away yet it went under his arm. Talukra twisted his arm to the right as his open palm would face himself. Talukra thrusted his hand towards his face In other words he held his opponents arm tightly inbetween his elbow. Talukra pulled his arm to the left and allowed his Opponent to come right at him. Talukra opened his arm and basicly backhanded his opponent. He held his ground and stood there firmly. His hand were up infront of his chest and he only sent a small smile.

;/ I think this is decent enough. XD Want anymore? I'll edit it. o.o

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Re: Talukra Hyuuga ;O

Post by Seraph on Tue Jul 14, 2009 1:28 pm



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