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reoka the magma manipulator

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reoka the magma manipulator

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 14, 2009 12:22 pm

Character Name: reoka

Desired Bloodline: magma manipulation(pending)

Desired Starting Element:lightning

Desired Village: rain village

Age: 20

Desired Rank: jounin

Appearance: avatar

Character Personality: reoka is a nice and caring person who loves to get in fights and make trouble. he loves to annoy others while his trouble making so much that he did it even while he was a jounin but then stopped when he realized he was going to annoy some people he shouldnt.he has a very short temper which sometimes ends in someone dieing if he is mad enough.he hates it when things dont go the way he planned.he loves going on missions he likes to walk around the village and talk to and help others out .

Background Info: his love of fighting and the many fights he has been in have toughened his body up but he still feels pain though he tries to keep from getting injured. he doesnt talk much because when he was little he used to say things that made his parents angry and they beat him for it so he decided to keep his mouth shut

roleplay sample:
reoka flickers in to the battle arena.he was wearing black clothing and a small but long peice of black leather on his left wrist to protect it from the string of his giant longbow on his back.he wears a cloak of a gray color that flashes almost silver in the light of the arena. on his back he had a longbow(as stated before),and a huge greatsword in its his side he had two short swords coated to look black by a thick black he walks forward to take his position his white hair that goes down to his neck sways from the breeze he makes as he walked.he stopped a short distance away from his opponet

\"i am here...\"he says, \"and i am ready...\"

as soon as he say's this he gets in a fighting stance and his body tightens up as if anticipating this battle. in truth he had been anticipating this battle for days and now he was pumped up for it.he looks over his opponet and checks what kind of gear he is wearing and what kind of weaponry. the only thing that looked suspicious were the two small wicked looking blades at the guys side. they were both about 2 feet long and curved like a scimicar in the middle of the blade.what striked them as odd was the black color of the blades that stood out from the pure white of his clothing and weapon pouch.the air smells of a sort of poison reoka hadnt smelled since his first years .

"i must be wary of those blades"he thinks as he waits for the guy to make a move

the guy just stands their stairing at him so he looks around and he looks at the battle is a big forest thickly coverd by trees and to his north is a bigh lake with a water his left is a big mountain range that reaches up so high that he cant see the top...yet.he chuckles to himself as he once again looks at his opponet. he slowly releases chakra from his body and the chakra forms into claws on his hands.finaly he gets sick of waiting and flickers infront of the guy and takes a swing to the guys head as the guy pulls his blades out of their sheiths and blocks myy claws on my right hand with an x patern. the force of my blow pushes him back a bit and i chuckle again,getting an insane look in my eyes as i say,"well well what fast reflexes...."


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Re: reoka the magma manipulator

Post by Seraph on Tue Jul 14, 2009 12:43 pm

-.- you already have an account here. DENIED you are Kobe R.


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Re: reoka the magma manipulator

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 14, 2009 12:45 pm

oh srry forgot about that acount if u could could u please delete this account and topic and ill go do the kobe account profile thing them


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Re: reoka the magma manipulator

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