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Post by Lenalee Kami on Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:24 am

After some time of talking to people on Village girl has finally found it. The library. When she stepped in it was quite full and she smiled to people who readed some books or scrolls. Girl started looking for jutsu section and found one. There were many jutsus. She searched jutsus for so long because there were so many choices. She finally chose some advanced scrolls. Titels were "Medical Ninjutsu" also "Legendary Genjutsu" and also she was surprised by one scroll title what was "Paper Jutsus" Lenalee also grabbed that and went to librarian and asked to borrow those 3 scrolls. Librarian looked Lenalee with quite surprised face and then watched her headband. "Show your document that you have led to Village please". Said the librarian. Lenalee started looking it from the bag and showed it to librarian. Librarian nodded and said "Since you are from different Village you probably want them for longer time. Right?" Lenalee answered "No actually the normal time is fine because I am gonna train my ass off" Lenalee gave librarian a kind smile. Librarian proceeded "Please give you home address then. If you donĀ“t return scrolls in 3 weeks we will send some ANBU after you. This should be all then" Lenalee had a little frightened face but said "Thank You" Lenalee turned around and went to Konoha gates again.

Exit Library to Konoha gates.
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