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Jin's Water Mastery Training

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Jin's Water Mastery Training

Post by Jin on Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:45 am

Jin walked forward. The sound of his boots making the thud as he walked. He was going to master the water element today, for king and country. Well, more like for Village and it's inhabitants, but whatever. He took a few deep breaths, getting ready. He couldn't screw this up, so he had to center himself. He took a few deep breaths, and focused on the sound of waves. They weren't there, but he had to imagine it anyways. If he didn't master his element now, he was going to be screwed over later. He opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings.

He was next to a lake, about 3 miles in diameter. It had a light forest surrounding on the northern side, but it was heavier on the west side. Almost no foliage could be found on the east or southern side, except for grass. There were multiple fish in the water, and much wildlife elsewhere. He thought it best not to disturb them. He studied them carefully, trying to center himself. After a few minutes of looking at them, breathing deeply, and just basking himself in the area, he was ready.

He didn't know how to start his mastery, so he sat down, thinking. What did it require to master your element. That thought was his biggest challenge for the moment. He then realized the answer to the question. Being in water, channeling his chakra into water, practicing things. All where things he needed to do. His biggest challenge now was where to begin. He thought it best to move into the lake. Well, that wouldn't be that hard.

He started swimming towards the center, with a swimming skill only obtained through life on an island country. He swam out, the ripples caused by his swimming scaring the fish away. He stopped every now and then for the fish, so they could go where they needed to go and whatnot. He then made his way forward once more, reaching the center of the lake. He used his feet to keep himself afloat. He was about ready to start his mastery, just a few more things where needed to be done. He sat there, taking a few deep breaths. Finally, he was ready.

(I will finish later)

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