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Small Village

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Small Village Empty Small Village

Post by Lenalee Kami on Fri Jul 10, 2009 8:22 am

Lenalee walked along side the riverbank. She already saw the little Village there. It was just like Kage said, There really were one huge building. She still did not see the little ones. When girl reached the village there really were more small buildings. She smiled when little children played tag there. She went near to huge building to examin it and then said to herself the kage's words "On the left hand side, go into the third hut from the right" So Lenalee started walking and there really were a Woman. Lenalee smiled and started walking to her a little faster. Woman looked at Lenalee with smile. When Lenalee was right next to her she said "Hello, did you give the mission to Takigakure village?". "Yes, I did" answered the woman "You probably know what you have to look." Lenalee thought what she would say and said "Sure, just wanted to be sure everything is right" "See you soon then." Lenalee did not answer anything. She just went to find the things.

Lenalee started thinking where she could get the things, She looked that everyone had garden so rose petals were easy. Many families had a tree and there should be at least some fig trees. The only thing Lenalee did not saw was a dove. We can find feather later she thought. She started looking a garden what had roses. Girl noticed one garden with roses. She started walking to the garden. Lenalee started taking rose petals but stopped. "Hehe I should ask before". She stood up and started walking for the hut but suddenly someone shouted "Hey girl what to you want?" Lenalee turned around and saw a tall women but she was ugly. Lenalee did not say this of course. "erm.. I would like 1 rose, for my mission" "Are you a ninja from Takigakure village?" "Yes I am" said Lenalee with a bit frightend voice. "Then I need your help... I have some fig trees behind my hut but i am not very good a climbing so could you help me please" Lenalee thought she was a scary woman but she was, well not that scary "Of course i help you with collecting figs" Woman guided Lenalee to fig trees and said "I bring you a little basket so you could start collecting" Woman walked to hut but Lenalee was already starting to collect. Trees were so easy to climb. When women came back she had 2 baskets in her hand and reached 1 basket to Lenalee.

After some minutes both baskets were full and both girl and woman were happy. Lenalee asked "Can i take the rose now?" "Of course you can take it, you can take as much as you want... hmm... wait a second I will bring something more" Said the woman and run back to house. While woman was in house Lenalee searched for most beautiful rose and picked it up. When woman was back she had little cloth bag with her and she reached it to Lenalee. Lenalee took it and looked inside. There were many figs in it "Thank You" said Lenalee, she almost forgot she had to get 1 fig too. "No problem and i thank you for help" answered women and waved Lenalee for goodbye. Now she only had to get feather from dove. She searched but did not find any doves. When girl saw the little children she asked "Children, do you know where i can find doves in this village?" Children looked at Lenalee but did not say anything... Then one girl pointed on the big house and children run away.
Lenalee was a little confused and started walking to the huge building. She opened door and luckily she saw feathers what looked just like doves. She picked some of them and started walking to the woman who asked her to pick up the items. Women was still sitting on the bench looking down. Lenalee said "Hello again, I brought the things you asked" Woman looked Lenalee and said "Already?, I thought it will take atleast a hour but only about 45 minutes have passed, Well whatever, hand me the things Please" Lenalee handed him 1 rose a bag of figs and some dove feather "You can take petals from rose yourself and i don't like figs so you can keep them..". "Thank You, wait here for some time i go and complete the potion"

Some Minutes later....

Woman came out with cloth bag in her hand. "Potion is in here, take it to the Kage and say Hi for me to her" Lenalee took the bag and looked inside. The potion really was in there and she said "Thank You, nice meeting with you and i will take your greetings to her"

Lenalee stepped out of the small village and waved to it.. She set foor't on Takikage's office again.
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