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Zetsumei Kura

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Zetsumei Kura

Post by Zetsumei Kura on Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:32 pm

Character Name: Zetsumei Kura

Desired Bloodline: Kura (if approved)

Desired Starting Element: Earth

Desired Village: Smoke

Age: 17

Desired Rank: Genin

Appearance: my avvy once it is up

Character Personality: Zetsumei is a very kind hearted and outgoing boy. He was raised by two very good parents and his grandmother. Although tragic things happened in his past he always has a friendly smile on. But when it comes down to it he will stop at nothing to protect the ones he holds dear to him.

Background Info: He was born exactly on the hour of the Equinox of Spring. His parents were comfortably ready for his arrival and when he came they were over joyed. Twelve years later, his parents burned in a house fire and he was raised until the age of fourteen by his dying grandmother. After her death he managed to get by on his own and now is sixteen and the happiest he can be.

Rp sample: If you are applying for a rank above genin rank

Zetsumei Kura

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