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taijutsu training

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taijutsu training Empty taijutsu training

Post by Baki on Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:20 pm

baki threw a shuriken at a target. missing by inches agian only making a cut onto the can of juice he had used he got on the ground and did push ups. "1.....2...3.....4..." a few minutes later "47..48...49....50" he got up his hands wet from the dew on the ground with the sun shineing brilliantly on his forehead with no cloud in the sky. this time he grabbed a kuni in hand and charged at the can and threw the kuni whistling as it hit the can and pinned it to a tree. he went to retrive it and without paying attention accidently cut himself on his finger. "OW" baki began sucking on his finger. "Lousy Cheap kuni" baki grumbled.

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