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Olverto Jutsu Thingie

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Olverto Jutsu Thingie

Post by Olverto Zampa on Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:56 am

"Aaah" yawned a boy with white hair. It was a middle aged boy. "I think I could learn some Jutsu, If i can" Olverto scratched his head and then putted a finger up high "I know, Hidden Mist Jutsu this is most basic ninjutsu for Hidden Mist ninja" So he went to his hideout. It was a small house but it had a big garden (So Olverto liked to say)

So Olverto stepped to his so called garden and took out one little piece of paper. Hidden Mist Jutsu hand signs were written there. He quickly learned the signs and started making them slowly. Kid was kinda tired and had a lazy face on. He accidently messed the hand signs up and tried again. It was a sucsess. He putted as much chakra as he could in that jutsu and the mist became so thick that he did not even see his own shadow. Olverto thought Maybe I should put some less chakra in it he yawned again and said to himself "Atleast this is good place to sleep now".

So Olverto went to sleep and failed with even this simple jutsu

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