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Lenalee Kami

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Lenalee Kami

Post by Lenalee Kami on Tue Jul 07, 2009 12:58 pm

Name: Lenalee Kami

Desired Bloodline: Paper Manipulation (Kami clan)

Desired Starting Element: Wind

Desired Village: Takigakure

Age: 13

Desired Rank: Genin

Appearance: Look spoiler please

Character Personality: Lenalee is very kind and friendly. She just can't refuse a offer. She doesn't enjoy battle but she likes training. She don't like watching how people get hurt or are defenceless. She likes to help people. Lenalee is very cheerful person who doesn't like killing. She has very good manners.

Background Info: Lenalee was born in Amegakure village. She was the only child in family. Her father was a very good fisherman and mother was always in home rising Lenalee. Her father and mother were both very good persons and teached Lenalee many things like how to cook, how to take care of house and how to live herself. One day Lenalee walked around village end saw 3 genins and 1 jounin training. Lenalee's eyes started shining and she wanted to become a ninja too but both her father and mother did not like the idea. Lenalee still wanted to become one and sometimes went watching that same squad. Soon she even started training secretly. She wanted to learn walking on water tehnique. She knew how to do it because she saw it once. Lenalee couldn't master it in one day and went back another day. She started walking on water and saw one small boat. There was a man in it. Man looked Lenalee closly and shouted "Lenalee, What are you doing". Lenalee understood that man in the boat was his father. When she went home father and mother talked about Lenalee's doings. Lenalee opened the door and said "I want to be a ninja like it or not". Lenalee's mother looked at her with angry look in her face and said "If you want to become one then find yourself another home". Lenalee started crying and run out of the house. She did not know why they did not like shinobis. Lenalee went out of the village to get away from her mother and father. She traveld very long time untill she found a huge waterfall. Lenalee walked closer to it to get better look but when she went closer one Shinobi with Village Hidden in the Waterfall headband jumped out. "Who are you, intruder?" asked the ninja. "No i am not i am just a traveler who looks home" Shinobi looked him him toughtfully when Lenalee continued "I want to become a shinobi, and from your headband i can tell you are one. Can i join your village. Please?" "Shinobi said, you must ask that from our village kage, but i can't show you the entrence" after Lenalee was accepted to village and waited for awnser.

(I can't write more. Smile my hand are allready hurting, hope this is enought)
Lenalee Kami

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Re: Lenalee Kami

Post by Seraph on Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:18 pm



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