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Aloide's Jutsu List

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Aloide's Jutsu List

Post by Aloide Senju Kouseitan'i on Mon Jul 06, 2009 4:08 am

Name of Jutsu:Wind Mirrors
Elemental Affinity if any:Wind
Description:Pressurized mirrors around the enemy or in front of the user making there attack reflected and redirected into a direction chosen.
Drawbacks if any:None

Name of Jutsu:Transparent Winds
Elemental Affinity if any:Wind
Description:When the winds blows at a mild pace the target becomes a bit transparent and harder to spot.Will not be affected by ranged material attacks. (Kunai,Shuriken,Senbon etc.)

Name of Jutsu:Wind Manipulation
Elemental Affinity:Wind
Description:The user is capable of controlling wind with a flick of his wrists to be guided and molded into any form or shape chosen with the direction or signs of the hands.

Name of Jutsu:Feral Style
Elemental Affinity: None
Description: The Feral Style is a fighting style that closely resembles wild animals. This style encompasses the movements from monkeys to tigers to rhinos. Most moves do not mix within their own animal of inspiration, since the style was created in order to make them flow by using different animal's movements. This requires the user to possess the spirit of a wild animal as well as the courage to fight to the end.

Name of Jutsu: Feral Style: Rhino Charge
Elemental Affinity: None
Description: The Rhino Charge is a move to close the distance between enemies. But in such a violent world, a move with no power is rare. This move is pretty reckless as the user charges head first towards the enemy by running on all fours. Right before colliding with the enemy, the user will pump chakra into their extremities as well as their neck before slamming upward into the opponent's chest. The target is to break the opponent's ribs thus making them incapable of fighting to their full capacity.

Name of Jutsu: Feral Style: Panther Prowl
Elemental Affinity: None
Description: The Panther Prowl is a stealth jutsu. The user will pour chakra into the bottom of their feet in order to create a small cushion between the user's feet and the ground. This creates significantly less noise, usually almost no sound is created. This jutsu is used either in conjunction or just before another jutsu.
Drakbacks: None

Name of Jutsu: Feral Style: Tiger Claw
Elemental Affinity: None
Description: The Tiger Claw is a move used based on the raw power of the Tiger. The user's fingers will become as sharp as claws due to an extension of chakra. This jutsu is not for prolonged use since the chakra control necessary is very hard for a Genin, so another claw jutsu is necessary for long fights.

Name:Artificial Lawn Skill [Mokuton; Jinkoushiba no Jutsu]
Elemental Affinity:Wood
Description:After transferring chakra to specially prepared grass seeds, the user throws the seeds on the ground. The seeds utilize the chakra given to them to rapidly grow into a field of grass. The grass does take a short time to grow (2 posts) and is, unfortunately, short lived. The grass will die after several minutes (5 posts) if placed on decent soil, but if placed on terrain not normally capable of sustaining it, such as rocks, the grass will only last a few minutes (3 posts).

Name:Seed Growth Skill [Mokuton; Shyushi Kasei no Jutsu]
Elemental Affinity:Wood
Description:By converting chakra into the power of life, the user can use it to accelerate growth in all plants. Not a particularly hard jutsu or a useful one by itself since this only causes the plant to grow in a natural way, this jutsu acts as the basis for most other nature jutsu.

Name:Exploding Poisonous Clone Skill [Bukaretsu Youdoku Bunshin no Jutsu]
Elemental Affinity:Wood
Description:By infusing the leaves or petals of poisonous plants into the Grass Clone, the user turns the normally mundane clone into a trap. When the clone is defeated, it will burst open and release a cloud of poisonous gas able to cause slight nausea, hallucinations or blurry vision for a short period of time (2 posts).

Name:Grass Clone Skill [Kusa Bunshin no Jutsu]
Elemental Affinity:Wood
Description:This jutsu creates a clone of the user from nearby grass or plants. Mainly used as a decoy, the clones created are incapable of causing a noticeable amount of physical damage.

Name:Grass Spike Rising [Kusa Kasui Tachinoboru]
Elemental Affinity:Wood
Description:By focusing a large amount of chakra into a few blades of grass, the user is capable of causing those blades of grass to harden and suddenly grow, piercing their victim. One blade of grass per rank (2 at chuunin, 3 at ANBU, ect) is capable of being manipulated.

Name:Plant Evolution Skill [Mokuton; Kusaki Shinka no Jutsu]
Elemental Affinity:Wood
Description:By using the same chakra of life, the user is able to transform plants and evolve them into weapons. A blade of grass can become like a needle, a branch can become a long bo staff. When no plants are around, Grass Shinobi will usually grow their own with Shyushi Kasei by using seeds. Although transformed, the weapons created by this jutsu are still plants.

Name:Seed Entangle [Mokuton; Shyushi Karamari]
Elemental Affinity:Wood
Description:By hyper-accelerating the growth rate of a seed, a user will concentrate the chakra into the seed and shoot it at a target. Once the seed hits something, regardless of who or what that is, the seed soon unravels and many vines wrap around the target's arms and legs, thus restricting their movement greatly.
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