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Kira Ichijouji

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Kira Ichijouji

Post by Kira Ichijouji on Mon Jun 01, 2009 6:38 pm

Character Name: Must be the one in your profile so choose wisely

Desired Bloodline: Lava Manipulation AKA Earth + Fire

Desired Starting Element: Lava (Earth + Fire)

Desired Village: Kirigakure

Age: 27

Desired Rank: Mizukage


Character Personality: Very calm, thoughtful, desicive, loves to fight, strategic, strong-willed, has an inner bloodlust, respectful in most aspects, protective of his comrads, hates to be pitied upon, sarcastic, jokes around a lot, light-hearted, doesn't anger easily, very self-controlled

Background Info: Kira has no idea where he was born, the first memory of his life was that of crawling around a large plain. He had crawled himself into the village known as Kirigakure. A jounin had found him there and took care of him as if he were his own son. As Kira aged, the jounin had trained Kira in the ways of a shinobi... The jounin had told Kira to call him Father, and that was all; Kira had no knowledge of the man's real name. All fo that didn't matter though, because he soon discovered an incrontollable bloodlust that would overcome him when a battle intensified to a higher extent. At the age of 17, the jounin brought Kira to the field where he had first crawled. That day... the men fought, the jounin was testing the boy through a deathmatch, the winner was worthy of life. At the end, the field was aflamed and Kira licked blood off of his fingers as the body of the, once, jounin lay there in lifelessness. Kira had proven victorious and the feircest fighter of all; his will was just to strong to give up now.

(Sorry it's kinda short, I just did a lot of homework lol, kinda lazy >.<)

RP Sample (Since I'm applying for a kage position I decided to include a sample for you admins, its one from a Bleach sit I am also currently RP'ing on)

Ichijouji lies on top of a large hill, his eyes straying into the dark night sky. The moonlight glistens on his skin as the stars begin to arrive. His breathes are slow and deep, as he retires himself to the inner depths of his mind; where his thoughts often wonder into an incomprehensible twist. The stillness of the night only interrupted by the slight wind that greets the night sky. The grass is gently blown back and forth, as if shyly welcoming the darkening sky. The moon grows fuller, engulfing more of the sky, filling itself to the fullest content it can achieve.

Ichijouji starts to speak, aimlessly, not knowing much of what he is vocalizing. He stands with a proud look and unsheathes his zanpaktou. He uncontrollably thrusts his spiritual pressure as high as he can withstand, keeping his stance closed and stiff. The moon, it gave him a feeling he could not compare with any other, the intent to kill. He calmed himself as he sheathed his unaware zanpaktou, placing it on the grass. He began to drain this overwhelming adrenaline by physically exhausting himself.

He started fighting the air like it was an enemy that was trying to kill him. Ichijouji powerfully fought the defense-less air, flipping around, punching, kicking, and making counter moves as if the brisk night air was fighting back. Shunpo'ing around and vigorously striking the air with intense speed, Ichijouji felt the adrenaline pulsing within his veins. He ended this pointless proving of his violent strength, by jumping high into the air and coming down on a tree with a spinning roundhouse kick.

The impact made a powerful noise, sending chills throughout the embodyment of the trunk. It did not break, but it split in half. The two halves, falling opposite ways, as if each side of the trunk was trying to escape its other severed half. Ichijouji calmed his pulsating muscles as he sat in a meditative stance. He pondered the depths of his mind, wondering like a stray dog, exploring what had been hidden for so long. Ichijouji eyes rose slowly as he began to stand, gazing at the friendly night as if it were a god.

He carefully placed his zanpaktou, horizontally, across his lower back. His eyes, stained by the loss of many companions, closed halfway, as he pondered the world for one last minute. He put on a slight smile as he began to walk away from the hill, in no particular direction. He placed his hands behind his heads, crossing the fingers of each hand with the identical article from the other hand; so that his hand were inter-twined behind his head as he walked slowly, looking at bright stars. He never looked back as the dark outline of his figure was soon swallowed by the dark vale; his mind at peace and strolling into the vast depths of nowhere.
Kira Ichijouji

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Re: Kira Ichijouji

Post by Taven Naïlo on Tue Jun 02, 2009 2:28 am

Taven Naïlo

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