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Kuro Naraku

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Kuro Naraku

Post by Kuro Senju on Sat Jul 04, 2009 10:39 pm

Character Name: Kuro Naraku

Desired Bloodline: Mokuton

Desired Starting Element:Earth

Desired Village: Iwagakure

Age: 14

Desired Rank: gennin

Appearance: will be avy soon

Character Personality: Weird, Cruel, Fun, Partially insane. He's an alright guy until you get on his bad side then your basically the tick on the balls of the king lion, aka ME!!. But he's a great friend.

Background Info: Kuro's parents were rogue shinobi from the village of the mist, they were always on the run. They had ran for a year and Kuro's mom was pregneant with him. He gave birth to him in a forest . There they thought they were safe so they settled down, Kuro's parents were part of the Senju clan so they were skilld fighters. As the years passed Kuro grew, his parents trained him from the time he could walk and speak, he awakened his kekkei genkai at the age of , his parents were ruthless in his training, his father escpeacially, he would be sent out to fight large bears and attack entire packs of wolves, Kuro becaumse a skilled warrior at the tender age of 10, then a faithful day happened, the mist ninja finally caught up with them. His parents Fought breavely but they were outnumbered and outmanned, they lost while taking 20 of their attackers with them, by the time his parents died Kur was left to fight 3 mist chuunin by himself, he charged tapping into the power of his kekkei genkai he miraculously won the fight, but was hurt badly, then he limped through the forest, bloody and bruised. After a ffew days of walking he came upon a desert, as he fell he then was surrounded by shinobi unkown to him, he was too tired to fight and too worn out, they took him. The ninja who obducted him were rock shinobi, in the village they trained him further and even enroled him into the academy, there he resumed his learning, and deep in his hert he vowed to take revenge on his parents killers and destroy the mist village.

Rp sample: Kain stood in the forest, the cold unforgiving forest, he stood with tears in his eyes while looking down at his dead parents. Falling to his knees Kuro cried, his father who had been his best friend and senseiwas slain, his mother who had taken care of him and even trained him with his father was dead. In the brush he heard something, The sound came from his left and from the sound they made there was three of them, he looked in that direction as he stood slowly to his feet, opening his palms he used his kekkei genkai to push 2 bones out of his palm then condensing them and sharpening to a point, he jumped off a tree trunk and tossed the two into the brush taking the mist shinobi by surprise and killing two chuunin, the final chuunin raced at him doing handsigns, the chuunin blew a large fire ball at him, quickly in retaliation he hopped from tree to tree rising up to teh canopy, He jumped outwards above the chuunin spinning upside down he shot multiple bone bullets from his fingers, the barrage caght the shinobi, and killed him, but, kuro didn't notice a trap had been set, as he landed it actvated and multiple shuriken and kunai hit him,wounded but not dead.

Last edited by Kuro Naraku on Sun Jul 05, 2009 2:44 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : decided that since im in an earth village i should have earth chakra)
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Re: Kuro Naraku

Post by Seraph on Sat Jul 04, 2009 10:44 pm



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