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Seishou Ada

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Seishou Ada

Post by Seishou on Sat Jul 04, 2009 10:35 pm

Character Name: Seishou Ada

Bloodline: None...

Starting Element: havent decided yet

Village: Kumogakure

Rank: Kage (preferrably)


Personality: Seishou is a very intelligent person. He has a cold, deductive mind and is able to stay calm and think clearly even in the most dreadfull battle. Although, it can be considered to be one of his weknesses, because sometimes, Seishou gets stuck on alalyzing very small details of an object a person or an event, which causes him to lose the track of a "big picture", however it might happen on a very rare occasions. Seishou is pretty confident of his power, which causes him to mock his opponents from time to time but never underastimate them at the same time. It causes him to rarely wanting to fight opponents who are weaker than him, passing the battle over to his subodinates instead.

Also, Seishou is very reluctant towards anything that has anything to do with administrative work, ESPECIALLY paperwork. Hes imply considers himself above this pointless waste of time and tends to yet again - pass that onto his subordinates. But don't get the wrong impression of Seishou - aside from paperwork he is an excellent leader. Using his perfect deductive skills, Seishou was proven to be one of the most successfull Kages of Kumogakure. He likes to solve hard problems, and usually finds unorthodox solutions to whatever is thrown at him. Seishou tends to plan his actions and each mission very carefully, which usually pays off at the end

On the other hand, Seishou is a very cynical and sarcastic person. He never APPEARS to take anything seriusly (even though he actually DOES as shown the paragraph above). He tends to take a lot of pride of his power. He is very reluctant to show most of his jutsus and usually, yet again - tends to use his subordinates instead. However, he never runs from a good battle yet again because of his pride - since he doesn not to be a coward, and because of his interest of solving hard problems

History: *deep breath* :ok, here we go....
It all began when a baby was born. As a matter of fact, Seishou Ada was not born in Kumogakure. In fact, the future Kage was born in a Village of the Hidden Rain. On a day he was born, an exceptionally strong strom hurled over the Village, destroying a lot of building and taking a lot of lives. He was the only child born on this day in the whole village. Many people have noticed that assuming that this child was special, but nobody knew what the child that was curse by the Rain was destined to. What deeds he would do in the future. How many people he would save..... and how many would kill....

After Seishou was born, his parents moved to the Village of the Hidden Cloud, as another of the countless wars was about to rip apart the Amegakure once again. Was Seishou's birth in the stormy night a symbol of an incoming bloodshed or was this a simple game of fate - nobody knew, knows and will probably never find out.

As the child grew, people around Seishou started seeing some abnormalities happening around him. It seemed like he was really CURSED. Everywhere Sesihou went, the flowers and the grass began to slowly rot and turn black, dying in a matter of next few days. If Seishou touched small animal, its heart would stop and the animal would die. As Seishou grew older, these effects became more and more strong, driving the people away from the innocent child. When he became 9, everyone has already afraid of and ignoring the child, even his parents has abandoned Sesihou, scared of their kid's power. Seishou was alone - with a whole world turned against him

As he became a teen, Seishou decided to explore his powers deeper. And when he met an angry protest from the whole village, Seishou has left Kumogakure. Nobody knew, that in 10 years, Seishou would return and rock the foundations of the Cloud Village itself with his own power

But we are running ahead of ourselves. When Seishou left, kicked away by his own village, he travelled across all 5 great Countries. Oh course at the beginning it was very hard for him. He was still small and weak. Starving, he had no choice but to become one of those, who accept no rules and evade the society in order to survive. Seishou was forced to kill for food. Choosing small, unprotected villages as his targets, Seishou raided them in searched for something that would keep him alive for another day. First alone, weak. But eventually, Seishou has tapped deeper and deeper into his own depths of power,gaining knowledge and ability to protect himself and defeat others. Attack or be attacked. Betray or be bethrayed. Kill or be killed. That was Seishou's life philosophy. Eventually, as he became stronger other people with the same traits as himself started joining Seishou and he eventually became a leader of a very feared group among the Villages.

Of course, one of the way this story could have ended was Seishou's group to become one of the countless gangs who had nothing to do but raid small villages and fight between each other for the small pieces of useless land. However, Seishou has managed to keep something close to an army order in his group, making it grow stronger and stronger every year. Every month. Every day. He was a force to reckon with indeed. An finally, Seishou has decided to take revenge on the Village that had made him an outcast long ago.

Seishou's army has attacked the Village of the Hidden, Cloud which fought back fiercely. However, Seishou's excellent strategic and planning skills have helped him to overcome the opposing army, kill the Kage and gain control of the Village. Claiming the title of Kage, Seishou became a feared, almost godly figure whose forces killed anyone who would oppose him

RP Sample: (from a Bleach RP)
Seishou slowly opened his eyes. His motionless pupils stared at the low ceiling for 3 full minutes, before the Arrancar tried to turn his head. However, Seishou was able to. In fact, he was not able to move his body at all. His limbs were perfectly chained to a wall, made out of black marble stone, which was supressing Seishou's reatsu by golden chains, which looked heavy and unbreakable and were also lowered Seishou's ability to control his own power

Wonderfull - Seishou thought as he lied still on the cold, concrete floor - What a perfect place for someone like me to spend my leisure time in - he thought sarcastically and coldly and the same time - If Conejo assigns me another mission like that, I am going to tear him in half, even if he is the Primera - thought the Arrancar calmly. He did ot have any fear of being confronted with someone particularly powerfull, like the Primera Espada, or the Captain Commander. In fact, he did not have much emotions over all. But that was the exact thing that made Seishou irreplacable for that kind of mission, and the Arrancar perfectly understood that

But it was enough time for thinking. It was time for Seishou to act. The most boring part was already over and now came what was promising to be at least a bit amusing to Seishou. The wall and the chains had eaten away a good part of Seishou's reatsu, however.... he was not the Espada with the highest amount of reatsu for nothing. Plus..... those shiningami surely beleived that he was the Octava, so these chains were meant to surpress, someone with a power of an Octava. But what the shiningamis did not know - was that there are many ways to conceal a considerable amount of your spiritual energy - and Seishou knew a lot of them. He closed his eyes, as Seishou's mind travelled deep inside his inner world, seeking the energy, that the Arrancar has hidden in it's darkest depths long, long time ago. The raw powerfull energy, that was building up for a great amount of time, and was waiting for it's moment to burst, and oblitirate anything that stands in it's way. Seishou felt his retasu building up inside his body, however he did not let it to randomly explode. He was not like some young, imbecils what did not know how to control their power. Carefully channeling his reatsu through the chains, Seishou felt how the chains began trembling. Suddenly, Seishou significantly increased the amount of reatsu he was channeling. And the chains which could not stand such a sudden and large increase in energy, simply shattered into small golden pieces

It was time to act

Seishou stood up, slowly, looking around his small cell. The shiningami would soon notice, that the enchanted chains have been broken, and hunderds of those little bugs, will burst in here, trying to take the Arrancar down. Seishou needed to act quickly. His hand went inside his shadow robe, as its fingers felt something cold underneath Seishou's dress. The Ressurection, that Seishou has hidden inside his robe was still there. His shadow robe, was one of the things that Seishou used to conceal his own power, including his weapon. The reatsu that the Ressurection was emitting was completily blocked off the the shadow robe ensuring that the shiningamis will not feel any weapon that Seishou has hidden

Seishou opened the door, using the same technique that he used to break from the chains. He walked up the stairs calmly, even though the shiningamis might have already found out that he had escaped and began the formation to surround the Arrancar. However, no mere shiningami was a match for someone like Seishou. Without any problems, the Arrancar was able to escape the undergound prison

It was in Seishou's favor, that the underground cells were not exacly within the Gotei 13 territory, and it was some time before the major backup would arrive, giving Seishou more time to complete his mission. Using sonido, the Arrancarr quickly closed up on the target - the Eastern walls of Seiretei....

Withou effort, the Arrancar quickly took out the weak guard that was there. However he needed to hurry up. Seishou feltseveral strong sources of reatsu coming his way. From the depths of his robe, emerged another object that Seishou has hidden from the eyes of the shiningami. It was a small, triangular stone, which emitted dull red glow. Quickly, Seishou palced the stone against the massive wall, as thin red lines immediately spread from the stone, wrapping around a major part of the Eastern wall. As the lines have spread, the image of the stone became more vague, as it sank into Seishou's skin, and an area of his arm, emitted the same red glow that the lines that covered the wall did. Iy was merely a matter of time, before the energy in the lines, and the energy in the stone which was now inside Seishou would built up and synch to the level, when the Seiretei wall would be blown into dust. Seishou was not a living bomb, indeed. The only problem was......

.....they were here

Seishou turned around and calmly looked at the shiningamis who arrived to stop him

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Re: Seishou Ada

Post by Seraph on Sat Jul 04, 2009 10:40 pm



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