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Kushima - Hanatsu!

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Kushima - Hanatsu!

Post by Kushima on Fri Jul 03, 2009 10:03 am

{This is Emi from BO. I was too darn lazy to completely make a new profile, so I copied some stuff from there. I made it, I can do what I want with it!}

Character Name: Hanatsu, Kushima.

Desired Bloodline: N/A.

Desired Starting Element: Fuuton.

Desired Village: Ikagakure.

Age: Nineteen.

Desired Rank: Jounin.

The reincarnation of sheer elegance and grace; Kushima stands at just below six foot, and of a medium build. Her limbs are long and slender, her body is slim and curvaceous. Her skin is a fair tan, almost illuminating an impossible perfect complexion. To the eye, it might seem like she has no visible muscle, showing an almost complete lack of strength. In truth, she is strong. Kushima's silken hair is a blazing blonde, reaching to mid-back length. Her hair isn't stylishly cut, or nor should it be, it frames her heart-shaped face perfectly. She may not have outstanding features, but they are enough to stick her out from the crowd. The main thing that does this is her eyes; resembling fire, breathtakingly orange and seemingly infinite, hiding a vast library of knowledge behind them.

Her style of clothing is ranges more in the tight and revealing section. Kushima feels confident enough to casually walk about the streets in such clothing, and it separates her from the crowd even more. Also, it helps her to move about more freely depending on the situation. Her basic attire is usually the same, or similar-like outfits. On a day-to-day basis, she will wear a black tube top, covered up by a white short-sleeved jacket. Her jacket has black trimmings on each side of the zipper, and also along the bottom. On the back of her jacket, roughly around the shoulder area in green is a small skull. A white skirt, trimmed exactly the way as the jacket is her main lower torso item. Underneath that skirt is black leggings, met up with a pair of white boots, trimmed with black.

Character Personality:
Kushima is a unpredictable woman, her temper can change in a flash like a ravishing storm. Now saying this, she wouldn't actually be classed as mean, but due to a lot of things which have happened to her, she has developed a bit of a cold nature. One minute she can be giddy and so happy its scary and the next she can throw a huge hissy fit and be as mean as a snake. In all honesty, she doesn't care what someone is thinking, and really, doesn't want to know. The more appropriate term to describe her would be, "Bitch" - Although, she isn't really like this; this is just scratching the surface. This is only an outer 'shell' though. Behind this tough outer-shall, Kushima can be nice, when she really feels like doing so, and she can be quite the sweetheart. At times she will show kindness to-wards anyone and everyone, really not showing aggression at all. In her nice times, she will ramble on about the most pointless of things, and will really blush at anything. It might take time for someone to earn her trust, but once she grows close, cherish it, because, she will go beyond all limits to protect those dearest to her.

The first impression she gives off; a disrespectful youth. Well sure, she is still young, but she is mature. And another thing, she isn't disrespectful. Yet, Kushima doesn't make it clear when she is giving someone her respects, which really does lead up to this assumption. In general, Kushima is just rough around the edges, all-in-all, isn't that bad of a woman.

Background Info:
Alone from birth, alone at death; as most would say. From the very start, this child was going to have a short life as it seemed. Ikagakure was her birth place, in the middle of summer too, but it was raining heavily that day. Due to some complicated birth problems, her mother passed away. Now her father, don't get him wrong, he tried his best to bring her up. Although, it was clear that he didn't take that much liking to her. So, one day, a mission was appointed to him from the Hokage them-self. To proud to reject, her Father accepted, leaving his child all alone. Days passed, then the news came. On that very mission, her Father had died. Sure, they didn't have a strong bond together, but, he was her Father, the only person in her life, and now, he was gone. It was hard, people blamed her for the death of one of their highly respected Jounin.

The idea of becoming a Ninja was put into her head by her Father. At first, she didn't even want to do it, but after his death, she felt like it was the only thing she could do. The Academy at first it was a struggle, and at times she couldn't even make time for herself. It all payed off in the end though, which was a good thing. Progressing to the top of the class, Kushima was proud of herself. There was nothing that could put her down, that was until it came to the teams. Being stuck in with the two lowest of the class wasn't hard, but she would have to work around it to show everyone that they had doubted her! This was where she started to boss her team about, get into constant arguments and get into trouble from her teacher. Even still, her team passed, all became Genin.

After becoming a Genin, the training got tougher. Kushima took it upon herself of the success of her team. Up until now they hadn't got their act together, but finally they started to train with Kushima, not treating her with kindness and respect. Her Teacher had a certain belief in her, and it was in their interest they got into contact with someone. Kushima's Teacher had brought in a Fuuton expert from another village to help train Kushima even further, but accepting that would mean to re-locate. At first she declined, trying her best with what she was currently doing. After a few months, her team were enrolled into the Chuunin exams. It was a struggle for her team, but they managed to push through with a few 'soft-jabs' from Kushima. It was clear she was the leader figure in the team. Only two of her team passed, the other sadly failing.

Progressing into a Chuunin was easy, and she felt that now was the perfect time to take up the Fuuton-expert's offer. Moving to Konohagakure she started her new training, working hard and doing her best with everything she did. Moving from her home was different. Kushima wasn't used to being anywhere else but there. After no time she adjusted, fitting in almost perfectly. Keyword: almost. The only problem being, she had no friends. And she felt no need for them, she was too busy training and all that.

Kushima didn't spend so much time training anymore, she had entered the Jounin exams, and surprisingly passed. Being the youngest of all the contestants, most didn't even think she would pass at all. This was the best part of her life! Well- putting past the no friends, and, no social life, it was the best! Then she had to make another journey back to her home village, Ikagakure; it wasn't her decision to do so, but it was apparently in her best interest to do so. Now that she had returned, she couldn't do much more than train, and hope to god she'd manage to squeeze herself into a social life.

Rp sample:

    ".. Training: Old site."

Training. That was all that ever happened now in this Jounin's life. There wasn't much point to it really, but it gave her a purpose. Now, it wasn't one of the bestest days to train. It had been raining for days, not days, weeks! Well, that was the whole point of training, learning how to fight as the situation calls. The ground was soft, damp, and loose, any wrong movement and she would slip. Rain cluttered her body, mixing in with the red liquids known as her own blood. Slowly her chest raised, then dropped, repeating these motions. It took a lot of energy out of her each time she trained, but each time she was able to last a little bit longer, and that was all she could ask for. A smirk formed on her blood stained lips, reaching down to the pouch strapped securely onto her thigh. Unclipping the top of the pouch, her fingers wrapped themselves around a few sebon. While bringing her arm back at full speed, the sebon laced between her fingers, ready to be thrown at her target. Standing not even a couple of meters away was a clone, a full solid clone identical to herself. Everything was in proportion, the hair, the eyes, even the scars running along her sides. Now throwing her arm forward at full force, the sebon were released, heading towards the clone at high speeds. Hana could of made a few wind sebon, but there would be no point in that. The clone was only as smart as her, and would know how to move and avoid the attack. Countering the sebon were a few kunai. Knowing perfectly fine that the clone couldn't immitate all her jutsus, Hana threw her hands together, performing the needed handseals. "Fuuton Furyuu no Jutsu." A low whisper slipped out from between her lips.

The clone froze, blankly staring at Hana with no emotion. Forcing her hands forward, a gust of wind blew out, slowly forming into a large dragon shaped figure. The clone continued to stand there, doing nothing. The dragon dashed towards the clone, twisting and following the clones movements. Speed was everything, the clone, not being the quicker one was quickly engulfed within the cutting winds. Hana dropped her arms back down at her sides, blood dripping down from them. Without the proper concentration, it was easy for her to screw up this jutsu and harm herself, much like she had just done. As soon as the winds cleared up, a mangled corpse remained. It was a sucess. That was her Training over for today, all she could do now was return home, and just fall asleep. The droplets of rain grew heavier, cleaning out the fresh cuts on her arms. Dragging her feet across the ground she made her way over towards her stuff, hoisting her bag over her shoulder and now heading in the direction of the village. Now, she couldn't say that training was always painless, most of the time that was all it was filled of, pain. Eventually, she would become someone, and if that meant training like this day in and day out, it was all worth it.

    ".. Relaxing: Bleach Online."

Headquarters; somewhere she hadn't been in a long time. As she stumbled through the enterance, her eyes quickly scanned around. 'I must look like shit.' Thought the Shinigami. Realizing her hair hadn't been washed since the fight before she was captured, or the fact she hadn't changed, she passed the level of being *a* mess. Coiling her fingers around the frame of the door, she tugged herself in. Then she froze, letting the door swing back closed. The chill of the room cluttered her body in goosebumps, but they were only emphasised by what she was thinking. Emi wasn't afraid - she wasn't. The only thing she feared was being afraid. Yet, she was horrified of being alone at this time. As she shook her head, she tried to erase the object of her thoughts: Temp. She was concerned about him all the time, she could feel her cheeks flame as she continued to think about him.

Since he had dropped her - literally - off in the 4th Division Headquarters, she had just slept. She was exhausted; she didn't stir once after falling asleep for however long she was there. The point was- Temp shouldn't of even brought her there! All she needed was rest, and her own quarters would have cured that perfectly. Although, she couldn't stay mad at him. He was worried, just like how she would of been with him. Well, almost. Actually, she had promised herself a bath when she finally got back here, and now that she was here, looking like shit, she was going to have that bath! Her gaze flickered around the room, then fixing onto the door of the Bathroom.

With a delicate sigh, she closed the door behind her, being careful not to slam it. In her hand was a bottle, filled to the top with alcohol. It wasn't like her to drink, infact, she hated it when she decided to drink: at this moment, she needed to relax. Placing the bottle down on the floor, she tossed her clothes carelessly to the side. They had already been ruined, from where she had been slashed, so after this, she was bound to throw them out. Reaching out she yanked at the water knob, allowing it ro run straight for a few minutes. The steam that completely filled the room glazed her body in a light sweat, it was too much for her so she stalked towards the door, tugging on the handle and opening it slightly for the steam to flood out.

Trailing back over to the tub, she leaned forward, gently allowing her hand to drift over the water to check that the temperature was comofortable. With yet another delicate sigh, she took a step back staring down at the water. Resting a hand against the wall, she lifted her leg, gracefully stepping in. From there she slinked into the water, the heat stung at first, forcing her to wince, then it quickly became bearable. Without a moments pause she got to work, she grabbed the set out cloth to the side of the bath, forcing it down into the water and drenching it. Then she scrubbed away at her body, ridding herself of any impurities that spoiled her image. In all truth, her image was all she had at times. It wasn't like she never noticed the stares she recieved. And it was with that thought she froze once more. With an apathetic expression her mind just split.

How many times had that fragile glass; the thing she called her heart, shattered? It was painful to even think about it. Her father was an alcoholic, her mother died after her birth. And all she did was blame herself. For years, she beat herself up for it, even when she was living with her Aunt. Anything and everything she held dear- what did she have? what did she hold dear? Nothing. Nothing at all. Through her whole life she fought past it, tried to push everything to the back of her head, she just tried to ignore it all. It never worked, and it was for that reason she was so fucked up in the head. All she knew that there was more heartbreak ahead. Ever since she had arrived in this place she called home, since she had met him- just then a smile managed to form on her lips.

No. This was a time to relax, not worry, or dwell on the past. Absentmindedly she swirled one finger over the surface of the water, watching the water form into small ripples. The steam still rose from the water, still flooding out of the door which she had forgotten to shut. She groaned and relaxed into the heat of the water. It had been said a nice warm bath mended the body, and the soul, and at this moment, Emi believed it.


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Re: Kushima - Hanatsu!

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