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Ren Rei

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Ren Rei

Post by Ren Rei on Wed Jul 01, 2009 6:56 pm

Character Name: Ren Rei

Desired Bloodline: This one is optional you dont need a bloodline to be a great ninja here.

Desired Starting Element:

Desired Village: What village you want to join

Age: 15

Desired Rank: Genin


Character Personality:

Background Info:
Ren Rei
Ren Rei

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Re: Ren Rei

Post by Taven Naïlo on Fri Jul 03, 2009 3:03 pm

Gonna finish it? O.o

Jutsus: Fuusajin (Dust Wind). Kaiten Shuriken/Kunai (Rotating Shuriken/Kunai)
Elements Mastered: Wind
Ryo: 0
Puppets - Snake(left hand)
Hand gestures -
Pointer = Puppet spreads apart
Middle = Jaws Open fangs slide out
Ring = Jaws Snap Shut
Pinky = Tail blade slides out
Thumb = Rattle
Pointer + Pinky = Wraps around foe, tail stabs foe
Middle + Ring = Senbon Shooter
All = Death Trap(Saw Blades)
Taven Naïlo
Taven Naïlo

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Village : Sunagakure
Bloodline/Clan : None

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