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Post by Artemis F. Hyouton on Sun May 31, 2009 3:58 pm

Character Name: Artemis

Desired Bloodline: Ice Manipulation. Water+Wind=Ice.

Desired Starting Element: Water

Desired Village: Leaf Village.

Age: 24

Desired Rank: Hokage/Leaf Village Kage. (It DOES say desired xD)

Appearance: Artemis is tallish, has icey blue eyes and has a thin but kind of bulky appearance. The eyes resemble his clan powers. He wears a bluish cloak instead of the Hokage Robes for better usage of his ice powers. An avatar will be uploaded soon.

Character Personality: A nice and laid back guy, he won't usually fight, unless he needs to. If you would walk up to him, he would probably smile at him unless you desperately tried to tick him off. Then he might just wonder what you are doing there in the first place.
He usually never gets angry though, but if he does, he can't control himself, and can end up hurting even allies around him. He is very protective of his friends, and will stop at nothing to protect them. He is always kind and nice to his fellow clan and village members.

Background Info: Coming from a very nice and middle class family, Artemis is always kind to others. During his lifetime, Artemis has met many great ninja. Seraph, the Kage of Rain, used Artemis' Ice Manipulation abilities at one point to take down the former tyrant of the Rain Village. Once the whole thing was over, having nothing else to do, Artemis went back to his homeland, the Leaf Village, where he was chosen to be the next Hokage, being one of the best fighters in the Rain resistance group.

(I know the history is really short, but I'm terrible at making background histories.)
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Re: Artemis

Post by Seraph on Sun May 31, 2009 11:06 pm


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