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Post by Kuroyuki Kaguya on Fri Jun 26, 2009 12:47 am

Character Name: Kuroyuki

Desired Bloodline: Kaguya

Desired Starting Element: Water ;l

Desired Village: Kumogakure

Age: uh...15 ._.

Desired Rank: Chuunin ._.

Appearance: (ill get the pic when i go back home)

Character Personality: Generally he is a caring, friendly and calm natured person who loves to have little spars here and there, also he is amazingly perverted but still a total gentleman, but once he reaches the point of extreme depression or extreme anger he tends to black out. When he does black out he becomes more vicious when fighting and does almost a full 180 of who he was. Currently nobody he knows(not even him) knows why he blacks out but, they could all just chalk it up to the fact that he just may be a total fucking nut job. ._.

Background Info: When he was born his parents were forced to flee fromt heir home land of amegakure for the reason of they had mercenaries after them. When they fled they headed straight to the raikage hoping to give the young boy a new home, away from all the troubles of his parents life. Annoyingly the raikage did accept the young boy into his village but only if teh parents agreed to stay out of his life. Struken by this deal they lowered their heads, hugged and kissed their world good bye and reluctantly left. As he grew up in Kumogakure he learned many things he probably never should have, such as the art of peeping and stealthful movements. By time he reached the age of 14 he was promoted to the rank of chuunin, with this new found rank he had set a plan to go out and travel the world and find out the truth behind his fake life.

Rp sample: He would rush into the area skidding to a stop in the middle of the field, he would be surrounded by trees with slight rustles going off here and there showing signs of him being tracked by someone. He would slowly reach his hand down to his left leg picking out a kunai with the middle finger on his left hand. When he pulled the kunai out he would twirl it slightly a group of 5 rogue ninja jumping from the trees. He would slide his right foot a bit causing his body to turn as he threw the kunai straight for one of the ninja's chest's. The kunai would hit the center of the ribcage cracking it in half, he would give a slight smirk to this.

As he started to turn more to face the next ninja a kunai would strike his right shoulder jerking his body to the right, even though he was just hurt he took advantage of this position and lifted up his left foot slamming it into the face of a second ninja. While he watched the second ninja go falling back with a bloody, misfigured nose he would give out a light chuckle shifting his left hand to the kunai in his shoulder.

With a small grunt he would rip it out throwing it with the motion in which he ripped it out the kunai slicing the side of a third ninja a mass of blood splurting out. He would then turn and face the final two ninja a calm smirk on his face, just from the two ninja watching his skill they would run away like little girls. (sorry i got lazy on the last part but this should be good enough for chuunin right? if its better let me know cuz i would like to start out jounin)
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Re: Kuroyuki

Post by Seraph on Fri Jun 26, 2009 11:50 am

...Approved be careful with auto hitting during real fights please


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