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Batoko Moragi

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Batoko Moragi

Post by Batoko Muragi on Sun May 31, 2009 3:30 pm

Character Name: Batoko Muragi

Desired Bloodline: Kaguya!!! FTW~~~~

Desired Starting Element: Water

Desired Village: Sound

Age: 27

Desired Rank: Jounin, Kage of Sound


Character Personality: Batou is more of a laid back kind of person. He doesnt really care about anyone or anything. He could give a rats ass about his village. Everything is a burden to him. If it wasn't for the fact his parents were forcefully making him learn to be a shinobi, he would have ran away from home a long time from now.

Character Background: Batou grew up around no one. He had no siblings, and he didnt really care about friends. He figured that only the strong come into this world alone, and only those that come in alone can show their the best by staying alone. He lives with his parents as of now, but he would honestly rather be out in the wilderness, to run away from this god forsaken place, if it was up to him. But he is forcefully being made to stay with his parental's, at least until he becomes a Chuunin.

Those plans have changed since he was a Genin. Batou still despises being in a city, but has taken charge when needed, when the Kage of SOund was Killed by an assassin. Batou stepped up to be the next leader, and vows protection over his Village. Although he doesnt want to be in it.

RP Sample: Batou Sighed as he stood at the window facing his village. He still despises and hates being in a village, but he knew that he had to take responsibility. There was no one else that wanted to step up. NO one else thought that they could be the next Kage of the Sound Village. They thought it would be impossible to live up to the expectations that were put on the last Kage's shoulders, even though he pulled them off. No one thought they would be able to live up to the challenge. That is why Batou emerged from the crowed. Being only 23 at the time of all this that went on happened, he wanted something new. He didn’t live with his parents any more, he didn’t even reside in the village, although he was still part of it. He hardly ever came back to the village for anything. But when he heard the Kage had been killed, he knew he should come back to pay his grief, and see who the next inline was.

He continued to stare out the window as it poured down rain. It had been two years from this very day that he said he would stand up to the challenge, and so far he was still in the office. He did not want to let the people, or the children of this village, fall into harms way, no matter how much he hated it. He sighed then coughed. He had always had a bad cough, ever since he was a kid. But as he aged he didn’t pay attention to it at all. He moved from the window, and walked towards the door, grabbing his jacket as he walked out of the room and down the hall. He made it down the stairs, and to the front door where he opened and stood out. He stood under the awning of the front building as it continued to poor.

Batou loved these types of days and loved this weather. There was no other place where you could get Rain one day, sun the next, and even sometimes the occasional light snow flurry. It was very unpredictable here. He didn’t put his hood up, for he felt at home most when he walked in the rain and got drenched. He walked down the empty streets, besides those that had to be out to buy something they had forgotten the day before. He saw as people smiled at him and waved as he continued to walk. He liked being noticed, but didn’t like it at the same time. He felt to confined in a village, and thoughts kept springing up about why he even took the job.

He continued to walk down the streets until he got to his old house. His parents house. They were dead by now. They had been taken as P.O.W's during a mission and he had not seen them since, that was about 7 years ago. He had suspected them dead, though he didn’t really care. The house had stayed abandoned, because it was left to him in their will if anything were to happen to them, that is. He disregarded the fact he owned it and just let it rot. He walked past the broken gate and to the back of the house, where so many tree's and weed's had grown. He didn’t stop though, as he continued to walk back, into the woods he once called his home. Far and deep into the woods he traversed.

He made his way to a clearing with a small pond. A small smile ran across his face as he looked at it, as Memories arose of him creating this pond with his bare hands. The only thing he cared for in life were animals. He remembered the day well. He had been walking through the woods, well after his parents were taken captured and presumed dead. He had always wanted a place to call his own, to be proud of something that he himself had made. But as he walked, he thought how peaceful it was out here in the wild. He also noticed the lack of water in the middle of the woods. He knew that far to the north there was the ocean, and knew that there were a few rivers and streams that ran through the woods as well. But he couldn’t help but think there was something missing in this tranquil place.

That is when it hit him that day. There was peace, but there was no tranquility. You had all these animals in this forest, yet there was no water around for miles, unless they traveled into the village, which was rare. That is the day he took it upon himself to build a small little pond, for the animals to drink out of. He had taken it upon himself, and started to dig that very day he first came to this spot. He spent hours each day digging, deeper and wider, until the hole was about 25 feet wide, and 25 feet deep, in a circular type shape. He then traveled to the river with two buckets, and filled them up with river rock, small pebble like stones at the bottom of the river bed, to help line the bedding of the pond.

After he thought it good enough, he traveled back and forth, with those same two buckets, to fill them up to the brim, and fill up the pond by hand, himself. No other help. He spent a total of about 4 weeks doing all of this. and within time, he had noticed that wildlife started to gather around his pond. He watched as Deer and Birds, along with small wildlife started to drink from the pond, and the periodic rain kept it full.

He now looked down at his creation, nearly 4 years ago he made this. He looked into it. The water was a little murky, and he noticed, how they got in there, he had no clue, there were some fish in there. Not a lot, but some. He had no clue how they would have gotten in there in the first place, considering there’s no water way in or out of the pond. He didn’t question it for long. He looked around and noticed the grass around the pond was rather tame, and he had guessed that the herbivores of the forest had kept the grass at bay through the years. He was still amazed at what he had done, and still amazed at how things had come together.

When he was younger, he didn’t want anything to do with his parents, anything to do with that house, or anything to do with this village. Slowly things started to go that way. His parents were taken, and killed. He left the house to rot, and yet, he couldn’t leave this village behind. It drew him back here. And now, as he stood over the pond, he couldn’t help but think, that he could have been stronger if he had thought differently. But he also couldn’t help but think, he wouldn’t be here today, standing over what he had done for the wild, or what he will do for the future of the village, if he hadn’t thought what he did when he was little.

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Re: Batoko Moragi

Post by Seraph on Sun May 31, 2009 11:04 pm


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