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Leaving the Rock Village

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Leaving the Rock Village

Post by Gabriel Kenetsu on Fri Jun 19, 2009 1:31 am

I walk through the stone gates as I did a few days ago, the rock has begun to crumble as I gently put my hand on the gate. I sigh as I turn back to the village to take one last look, the village I have lived in my whole life. I'm leaving for a few months to train with my clan leader, the village shal be quiet as there are a very small amount of people there.

"This village....the home of my family and friends, I shal leave you but return again a more powerful shinobi....maybe even one day I shal return as you Kage."

I turn back around as I have a bag on my back, it has just enough food and water for my trip. The sun beams down into the canyon as the heat begins to make me sweat. Beams of sunlight refect off my forehead as I walk, the twist and turns of the canyon make it nearly impossible to remember where you have come from.

"This village is hidden too well, I can't seem to find the way to the beach."

I think to myself as i'm walking, I begin to hear water crashing against rocks as the air begins to cool down. Moisture begins to return to the air as I begin to smell salt water. I start to run towards the smell as I run faster and faster I don't watch where I am going. I try to stop as fast as I can, my feet sliding in the dirt. I stop and look down, as I have ended up on the edge of a cliff. I look down and see the dock, I sigh as I begin to think.

"Damn.....just my luck, now I have to find a way down this cliff to the dock. I only have a few days untill my training with my sensei is supposed to start."

I begin to concetrate the chakra in my feet, as I do so the wind begins to pick up and starts to push me. I take a step off the cliff and step on the side of the cliff as the chakra holds me against it. I begin to walk down, it takes about 10 minutes to get all the way down. As I step on the grass I release my chakra allowing it to flow normaly again. I walk up to the dock and begin talking with the sailor.

"I have a boat that we can take over to the village hidden in the clouds if you want."

The sailor says with some regret.

"Alright but we must hurry."

As I say that I look at the ship, the sailor was already on it and it was ready to set sail.

"Lets go."

The sailor says as he hurrys me onboard, he looks around to make sure everything is set and then looks back at the captain.

"Everything is ready, lets set off."

The captain nods and then cuts the rope, the boat begins to sail and so my journey begins.
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