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The Highest Tower at the center of the Village {Amegakure Leader's Office}

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The Highest Tower at the center of the Village {Amegakure Leader's Office}

Post by Seraph on Sat Jun 13, 2009 11:16 pm

<<<<<<< Enter From dusk till dawn topic. A few hours have passed since Seraph left there

The sun had now risen. Though the rain continued to fall as it always did in the Land of Rain. Seraph had left his room and had begun to wander the streets just before sunrise. His cloak, now drenched and muddy hung as if it was taped to his body. His hair also completely soaked covered his eyes and most of the area above his nose. Seraph walked towards his home once more after losing himself in his walk. He could not remember how he had reached the town center. It was almost as if it were his legs were automatically taking him to where he had to go every morning. Though the rain continued to fall his routine life had to continue its routine course.

He reached the tower that housed the village leader’s office and looked up at it. A feeling of loathing rushed through his body as the edifice in front of him reminded him of last night’s dream. His right hand rose to his chest as his wound gave a slight twitch. Then sighing Seraph entered the tower and began walking inside as the other ninjas began looking at him. They raised eyes of bewilderment as his muddy boots left footprints wherever they made contact with the ground. Seraph could care less at the moment what they would have told him if he weren’t the Village Leader and so respected by everyone. Either way he was entitled to have his good and bad days just like everyone else was.

Seraph began walking up the stairs towards the top of the tower, to where his office was situated. As he passed, the walls were littered with photos of him and the resistance group after the battle had been won. The wall was also covered with framed newspaper cuttings of other villages praise and congratulations on Amegakure’s liberation from the hands of Azazael. After reaching the top of the tower and walking into the great room beyond the door Seraph was once more confronted by memories of his dream and past.

Seraph looked at the room and felt his stomach lurch. It was from here that countless missions were given out to kill innocent people that had openly gone against Azazael’s will; many of which were carried out by Seraph himself. Seraph could feel as his own hand trembled while closing the door. He did indeed hate this room with a passion.

After the door was closed he walked towards the desk that was beside the great window that overlooked the village. It had changed from way back then. The sounds of clashing swords and screams of the masses were now replaced by the laughter of children playing in the rain. This was the driving force behind Seraph’s continued commitment to this village and everyone in it. They had chosen him and he wasn’t one to disappoint the people who thought he would lead them to their former glory as a hidden village. Though small it would once more be formidable so that it could be on par with the 5 main hidden villages of the shinobi world.

Seraph reached his desk and sat down on the chair that was directly behind the desk. His back now faced the window. His wet hair was getting in his range of vision so he quickly moved it out of the way. Seraph sighed as he saw the massive amount of paper work that awaited him on his desk. Though only a single piece of paper caught his eye. He outstretched his hand towards it he grabbed it and brought it to his eyes. He skimmed the paper and it clearly was what he initially thought it had been. He began smiling a bit as he began to read:

Mission Rank: A

Shinobi required: A two man team consisting of one Jounin and a ninja of rank Chuunin or above.

Mission description: Sunagakure has been suspected to be decaying and its government failing. With rumors that mist shinobi have been sent to follow and gain information on one of Suna’s ANBU captains, the high council of Amegakure has deemed it necessary that, due to the close proximity of Suna to Ame, a two man squad will be deployed to investigate the relations between the shinobi of the sand and the mist shinobi. We do not want our country to be the battle ground for another Shinobi War. They must not be seen they must not be found out. Stealth tactics are a must.

Payout: 7000 ryo each.

After he finished reading he smiled the work he had on his desk could wait. He knew the two perfect people for the job. Swiftly and smiling he stood from his chair and jolted out the door in search for the two people that would be able to carry out the mission given.

>>>>>>>>>>Off to find the two for the mission. {Somewhere in Amegakure}

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